Types of product videos to use for your ecommerce conversions

For most eCommerce companies, the main goal of digital marketing is to make a sale. But as consumer demands and experiences change, so too does the creative process. By choosing the right type of product videos supported by excellent Orange County video production, eCommerce companies can elevate their company story and enjoy higher rates of conversion.

Today, product videos are essential for making conversions because it is not enough to tell customers about your products. Instead, corporate entities must show their industry products with a product video production process that harnesses skill and expertise.

What is a Product Video?

Product videos are digital marketing products created to highlight physical goods or services. They are often designed through corporate video production and refined through a post or pre-production process.

This demo from Flo-Right Battery Steward is an excellent example of a final product video.

3 Types of eCommerce Product Videos

Not every type of product video is right for every company. Today, there are three major types to choose from, these include unboxing, focus, and commercial videos.

Let’s explore each of these in greater detail.

Product Unboxing Video

The product unboxing video provides detailed information about goods and services before consumers purchase any items. Customers rely on these videos to envision buying, opening or using your product.

This Edmodo product tour video walks buyers through exactly what to expect from their product.

Product Focus Video

A video that focuses solely on your product makes a huge impact on visually-driven clients. Product focus videos do exactly that, crafting new perspectives of your product through visual mediums.

SecureChat created a product focus demo video that highlights the collaborative aspects of their platform.

Product Commercial Video

If you’re preparing to launch a new product, a product commercial project may be the perfect strategy for you. Filming your product in its natural setting will connect with potential customers in a very authentic way.

For example, the team at Exacly.Me debuted a product launch commercial to send leads directly to their website.

Choose a Reliable Partner for Your eCommerce Video Production

Creating videos that enhance the value of your product is no easy feat. As you begin the process of searching for a creative director for video marketing services, look no further than the production business at Picturelab. We are one of the top video production companies in Orange County CA, passionate about creating amazing client videos that meet and exceed all expectations.

We proudly serve these areas of Southern California:

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Orange County Video Production FAQs


What are the right product videos for my business?

Choosing the right production video production company is critical for developing a brand story that brings company ideas to a target audience.

Therefore, the product videos you choose should be geared toward enhancing your marketing efforts. You can get creative ideas and increase sales with the professional service of Picturelab.

What do your services include?

Picturelab is an Orange County video production company that specializes in high-quality production videos with an emphasis on creativity, vision, and fun advertising.

Our service video production company develops explainer videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, brand videos, and more for clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Get in touch with our professional team today to learn more about the production process.

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