10 Ways Product and Service Video Production Can Boost Your Brand

Video production services are worth their weight in gold — especially when it comes to product videos. These unique forms of content merge well with a visual medium and provide greater awareness around consumer pain points, product features, and software solutions provided by your brand.

If you’re considering video production services in Orange County, you’ll want to know exactly how product and service videos actually boost sales and get customers, especially if you’re planning to invest more than just a little money in video marketing and content production.

The good news: product and service video content has a clear and measurable impact on businesses.

The better news: it’s not hard to leverage a video production company to develop a winning video marketing strategy and build lasting social proof.

What is a Product or Service Video?

Product demo video is a type of marketing video that shows off the products or services offered by your business. Companies rely on these formats to get new leads, boost their ROI, and otherwise get results from their advertising programs.

We’re going to take a look at exactly how product and service videos can help with evergreen outreach to your target audience, and produce higher engagement, more viewers, and passive benefits to your company.

If you’re not sure how to get started with video production, we’ll also provide quick information to get started.

How Product And Service Video Production Can Boost Your Business — 10 Major Ways

Thousands of marketers all over the world have discovered the latent potential of product/service videos. Here are a few of the most powerful reasons to get started on a production process for your brand.

1. Explain Newer Technology

Product/service videos are an advertising tool and an explainer video rolled into the same package. Your business will have the opportunity to explain how your tool, service, or product is supposed to work, especially if there are no competitors around to bring awareness.

Speaking of competitors. . .

2. Keep Up With Your Competitors

Almost nine in ten businesses (86%) use digital video as a marketing tool in 2023. Ergo, if you’re not publishing videos on a primary channel, you’re already falling behind. Now is a great time to start investing in some digital assets for your growing business.

3. Establish Your Authority

Content marketing shows that your brand knows its stuff, perhaps better than anyone else on the market. Product/service videos add an extra layer of polish that shows visitors you care. Put them on your product pages for an extra boost in your conversion rates.

4. Complement the Buyers’ Journey

Today’s customers aren’t going to buy your product without something to show for it. With so many transactions occurring online, the importance of visuals surrounding your UVP is all-but essential. Even just one video can send eight out of ten viewers to your checkout page.

5. Share Your Values

Video is a great medium for sharing what your company is all about. Now that 82% of customers want brand values to align with their own, a demo video could be the perfect opportunity to show off your beliefs and ideas. Touch on the pain points your product/service will solve with a script and some soft background music.

6. Reach New Prospects

The majority of internet users watch digital videos. However, only 77% of people read the text in a blog. If you’re not regularly making demo videos, you might be missing out on 15% of your total demographic.

7. Fill Up Social Media Platforms

Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat thrive on digital video. Feed these social channels with the right kind of content to continuously draw an audience. Don’t forget to respond to comments!

8. Optimize Website Through SEO

Product/service videos can generate passive value on your site in the form of SEO. Every landing page should have plenty of images, links to your videos, and stories from customers who love your brand. 

9. Build Brand Awareness

There are people out there who would buy your product in a heartbeat — if they knew your brand existed. Product/demo videos drive action by helping a customer find your brand. Every view is a chance for your product to get sold!

10. Social Proof

Like testimonials or Google reviews, product/service videos showcase a message that customers can trust. You can’t lie about the visuals, and customers may be more likely to purchase in the meantime.

Create Awesome Product Marketing Videos With a Trusted Video Production Company

There’s no denying that product/service videos are some of the most valuable pieces of marketing collateral for an e-commerce business. Regardless of your industry, clients, or target demographic, this trusted medium is here to stay for the long haul. The question is, how do you get started on your first few videos, and can you make them on your own?

In a word: no.

Our digital age of innovation has brought numerous technological advances to everyday consumers, including cameras, microphones, editing software, and video platforms. While it’s entirely possible to create some videos on your own, you must be willing to sacrifice quality in exchange.

No one can handle all aspects of video production alone, and when you choose to focus on one element of your business, you’ll have to pause or ignore others for the time being.

Outsourcing your product/service videos to a vetted production company like Picturelab is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. You’ll still have some creative control over your video style and idea, while handing off the challenges of video production to a capable team of industry experts. 

If you’re located in the Orange County, CA area and are interested in taking advantage of the talent, confidence, and expertise of industry leaders, look no further than the professionals at Picturelab! We’ve spent decades refining our approach to product and service video production and have used our vast experience and attention to detail to create great success for clients and their brands.

You can get started with Picturelab today and begin video production in just a few weeks. Complete the online contact form to reach out with our creatives today!

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