8 Reasons to Hire Corporate Video Services for Your Business

In 2020, HubSpot reported that 62% of content consumers responded that they closely pay attention to videos, making it the leading content driver of the year! This is one of the main reasons, corporate video production is essential to businesses.

As videos speak a thousand words in a shorter amount of time, people are more likely to pay attention and remember brands that do visual marketing. In fact, 81% of video marketers report that video marketing has increased their bottom line, demonstrating that both small businesses and large enterprises have a lot to gain from visual marketing.

Do you want to achieve your business goals in 2022? Check out why you should hire corporate video production services for your business!

Creative Expertise

There are many elements to great corporate videos. And doing it yourself will result in time-consuming trial and error, and possibly ineffective videos.

Meanwhile, hiring corporate video services guarantees that your ideas will come to life through an effective video, so you can level up your business sooner rather than later.

Great for Customer Engagement

Videos attract customers more and are able to speak to customers more directly than any other type of marketing these days. Hence, having a well-made promotional video can increase customer engagement, and incite more action in favor of your business.

Excellent Teamwork

Corporate video production services have a team of experts who not only know what to do—but also know how to work well together for the best teamwork and collaboration.

This is crucial in bringing different elements of a video together during the video production process to achieve your business objectives.

Top-Tier Shooting and Editing Skills

A huge portion of the corporate video production process relies on shooting and editing.

Corporate video production services include expert videographers who can capture amazing footage and expert video editors who can transform raw footage into compelling narratives that speak to your target audience.

Budget Flexibility

Corporate video production companies have had years of experience creating various kinds of videos for businesses. Hence, they know how much videos cost and can vary the production process based on your budget without sacrificing quality.

Helpful when Distributing Video Content on Multiple Channels

After video production, you want to display the finished product on social media platforms. This requires having the video in the correct format, so your video can do its work and reach more people.

Time-efficient and Cost-Savvy

Corporate video productions involve numerous stages from pre-production to post-production. Rather than spending valuable time figuring out how to pull off a successful corporate video project, outsourcing video production services is much more time-efficient and cost-effective.

A video agency already has the costly video and audio equipment needed for high-quality video, so you no longer have to invest in these. Moreover, they know video production like the back of their hand, which not only guarantees a great outcome but also a shorter production time.

Prioritizes Visual Appeal and Digestible Content

Videos should speak to your target audience. A video production company knows exactly how to make your video captivating and easy to understand so that your brand identity is well represented, and your content is clearly conveyed—which are all part of a good marketing campaign.

Visualize Your Ideas with Picturelab

Speak to your target audience, raise brand awareness, and convert potential customers into paying customers with Picturelab!

We’ll bring your ideas and brand messaging to life through captivating and engaging explainer videos, commercials, testimonial videos, product demos, IPO roadshow productions, and corporate event videos!

Reach out to Picturelab’s corporate video production team and look forward to a great video that helps you achieve your business objectives. To get started, fill out our online form or contact us at 650-965-4898 at Picturelab today!

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