6 Reasons Why Corporate Events Video is Essential to Increasing Your Brand Recognition

Corporate video production campaigns aim for two things, first is brand recognition and the second is brand awareness. The former refers to people’s ability to recall your brand from your logo and products, while the latter refers to people’s ability to recall information and general impressions about your brand.

Great corporate video production should be able to market your business in a way that helps you achieve your objectives. Whether your marketing plan revolves around brand recognition or awareness, videos should tell stories based on your marketing strategy in order to communicate clearly and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

An essential part of effective video marketing is brand recognition through a good corporate events video. Learn more about how such videos can help raise brand awareness!

Impacts Search Engine Performance

More than any other type of content, high-quality video has the biggest influence on search engine performance today.

This is more so when corporate videos are streamed live, a typical practice with corporate events. And with improved search engine performance comes greater exposure to the public, a key to increased brand recognition.

Calls to Action in Videos are Effective

Corporate event videos happen in real-time. This gives the advantage of appearing real and unscripted, so you may speak directly to your target audience.

This method makes it more likely for people to trust the brand and take action, increasing conversion, and making a huge difference in brand recognition.

Boost Audience Engagement

People watch corporate event videos live because social media platforms promote live videos on people’s feeds.

This is why having the video of a corporate event enables you to engage with more people from your target audience, which provides an opportunity for greater audience interaction, and increased brand recognition.

It Has the Potential to be Shareable

Corporate event videos, like any other videos on social media platforms, are sharable. This utilizes unpaid social media marketing to give your brand more exposure to people who, otherwise, may have never heard of you. Such an opportunity gives your brand recognition a boost.

Shares Brand’s Culture and Engagement

In 2022, consumers like to know brands before they decide to trust you and buy from you.

Corporate events video, unlike any other video, shows people your brand culture in an engaging way as proof of your mission and vision, and to make your brand more relatable. These are key to creating a more lasting impression with your target audience.

Video Makes Brand Positioning Authoritative

People like to listen to people with authority. As a brand, you are more likely to attract people and gain their interest and trust when you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field or product.

The corporate does just that by featuring the people and culture behind the brand. This behind-the-scenes live footage makes your brand positioning more authoritative, and creates stronger brand recognition in people.

Create Your Corporate Videos with Picturelab

Corporate video production is tricky to film and air. But working with a seasoned corporate video production company like Picturelab can ensure that whatever corporate event you have will become a great video streamed on key platforms for a successful marketing campaign that accurately represents your brand identity.

Reach out to Picturelab today and watch your ideas and brand messaging come to life through our end-to-end corporate video production services! Contact us at 650-965-4898 at Picturelab today!

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