What are the Types of Corporate Videos You Can Use for an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2022?

In 2021, 87% of video marketers gained a positive ROI from video marketing, as reported by HubSpot. This trend carries over to 2022, corporate video production is key to successful marketing campaigns.

Unlike other media, videos are multidimensional, capturing your target audience in more ways and more deeply. This is largely attributed to the rise of social media, through which videos are gaining huge traction.

In fact, 93% of businesses reportedly acquired new customers through social media videos according to Sprout Social. And with video-centric social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram reels on the rise, a corporate video is where the money’s at in 2022!

Market your brand effectively by learning about the different corporate video types you can use this 2022!

Brand Videos

Every brand has its own mission and vision which can be encapsulated in a digestible brand video. In this example by Mint, Picturelab helped them demonstrate how they can help clients manage their finances.

Testimonial Videos

Nothing speaks for a brand’s products and services quite like satisfied customers. This testimonial video shows how Infer helped Zendesk get streamlined and improve its bottom line.

Commercial Videos

Commercial videos have the ability to tell a story clearly. Because it enables companies to communicate feelings and provide answers to the fundamental questions pertaining to the marketing of goods and services, this sort of marketing is effective.

Here is a commercial video by Picturelab where they launched Transvideo and their 5th decade of existence with an amazing new portfolio of explainers, commercials, testimonials, product demos, and much more.

Explainer Videos 

Typically found on landing pages, explainer videos are a great way of telling people who you are and what you do.

A good example is Thumbtack’s explainer video which talks about how their brand solves peoples’ problems through services offered by skilled or professional individuals.

Product Demos

A product demo is a video brief that gives potential customers a glimpse of how your final product can solve their problems. In this product demo video, we helped showcased how comprehensive and user-friendly Personal Capital’s platform is for helping people prepare for retirement.

Corporate Event Videos

In many ways, a corporate video production is a terrific tool for business. However, the biggest benefit of corporate event videos for businesses is that they help with marketing and increase sales.

Here’s an event launch video that Picturelab created for Quixey, showing a different side of the company hosting a party.

Visualize Your Ideas with a Trusted Video Production Company

From creative concept to production to post-production—everything is part of our process. These have likewise been quickly resolved by us. Each video will be created in close collaboration with your team and tailored to your business and event. Even on short notice, we will adhere to your deadline.

Embody your brand identity and creative vision with Picturelab’s corporate video production services! Our video production company will create corporate videos that speak directly to people in the most engaging way for a successful marketing campaign.

Experience how corporate video production can level up your marketing strategy, email us at or contact us at 650-965-4898 at Picturelab today!

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