Video Marketing Strategy: The Pincer

What is the best video marketing strategy?

If the 1920s were roaring, the 2020s will be an absolute frenzy. Content-wise, this decade will be more deafening than anything we’ve seen before. So, if your marketing strategy doesn’t include video, you will crash and burn.

Even if you can’t afford a Super Bowl commercial, there should be some form of a two-pronged approach. The first line of attack consists of the little videos you can make with your DSLR or even your iPhone. These are the daily shorts you should be posting on your social media every week if not every day. Company updates. Anecdotes. Information. Comedy. Whatever it takes to keep your brand alive.

And if these low-budget shorts are the pawns, then the bigger videos – the more produced content – are the knights coming in from the flank. They provide something more than the day-to-day. Actors, motion graphics, music, and whatever else that shows your audience that here is something different, something out of the ordinary.

There are many different ways to execute this attack. Here are a few ideas.

The Short and Sweet Video

Content cannot suck. That is the most important thing to remember when creating short video content. You can’t just post whatever silliness or stream of consciousness that comes into your team’s brain. Some people shouldn’t be on camera. Some stories are just boring. So it’s not as easy as it may seem. However, if your brand is interesting and useful, and it should be, then let your brand do the talking.

Of course, it’s important to have someone who looks and sounds good on camera. And you may want to invest in a DSLR, some basic LED lights, and a lavalier microphone. And you may want to watch a YouTube tutorial on how to shoot a decent video (no shaking or going from landscape to portrait, etc). But besides that, your brand should be engaging enough to be a deep well of content.

Talk about industry trends. Do a one-question interview with someone in your field. Show the fun you have in your office. Put up some numbers.

Your brand and industry is important and critical. So the most important thing is to put up content often.

The Video that leaves a mark

Between the jabs, you need to take a hard swing. There will be times when you need to announce something big. Don’t do it with just an iPhone video. To get the message across, take a big cut and let everyone know this is huge and it deserves a bigger stage.

For this, you may need some outside help. Contact your agency or a creative video production company. They’ll come up with some ideas and acquire the crew and talent needed to make it happen.

Why is this important and why is it worth the investment? Going back to the chess analogy, there’s just so much that pawns can do. Your attack should be varied and surprising. Keep your audience on their heels. It’s true when watching a movie or a football game, and it’s true in marketing.

Here are a couple examples that shook up a company’s normal video marketing routine:



More than ever, a consistent strategy is a winning one. And a pincer movement is effective in video marketing as it is in sports or chess.

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