Best Marketing Videos of 2019

2019 was a great year! We worked on some really amazing projects. From a flash-mob musical to a spin-off of a popular TV show, from a hilarious live action sketch comedy to a 3D animated explainer about blockchain-powered watch faces, we added a diverse group of videos to our portfolio. Check these out!

Favorite marketing videos of 2019

Sales and the City

Gong wanted a fun way to announce their new round of funding. But more than just another ho-hum announcement video, they wanted something different and evergreen. We came up with Sales and the City. Today, truth is more relative than ever before and there’s misinformation everywhere. Our hero, unfortunately, lives in another world where reality always comes with a Cosmo and an avocado toast. Fortunately, Gong is here to make sure your CRMs are true and stick to the facts.

Cynet CISO vs Vendor series

Cynet, an exciting new cybersecurity firm, needed a series of funny shorts to show how ridiculous some of these other cybersecurity vendors can be. Picturelab wrote and produced six different sketch videos highlighting the things that make Cynet different from the rest. Using satire and slapstick, these videos were widely distributed among the cybersecurity industry and media. Here’s one of them.

Resonai Augmented Reality Concept Videos

If you love technology, you have to be awed by the possibilities of augmented reality. Resonai, an exciting AR startup, came to us to create several concept videos to show how life-changing AR can be. Never get lost with a virtual concierge. Or learn how to use an Espresso machine without having the manual on hand or searching for it online. Walk into a conference room and an AR assistant will show you how to operate any videoconferencing machine. Using live action and motion graphics, we wrote and produced a series of videos each showcasing a unique AR possibility. Here’s one of them.

StoneShot Explainer Video

Marketing in the financial industry is not so easy. Compliance, regulations and other hurdles make it difficult to do even the simplest things like sending out an email. StoneShot makes that process much easier and we made a video explaining it all. Using 2D animation, we made a video that’s fluid and to the point – exactly what their audience of financial marketers would want.

Busker Mob

Can you raise $10M through busking? No one makes announcements like Gong and this was no exception. Gongsters put together an all-Gong band (including their CEO on guitar), rehearsed for hours to bring us this awesome cover of Queen’s “Can’t Stop Me Now”. Picturelab shot this at the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco with a mob of extras, most of whom we knew and a few that showed up unexpectedly, and one fun cameo.

Watch Skins

Ok, get this. A unique designer-made watch face for your smart watch secured and authenticated by blockchain technology. How cool is that? That’s what Watch Skins brings us and we have the video to show how it all works. Using 3D animation, we produced this slick explainer to introduce their sweet product. Video was shown and well-received at CES.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun in 2019 and looking forward to another year of surprising new projects.

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