Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos - why are they important?

Every brand needs an explainer video at some point.  Explainers not only define a product or service, they also show why it’s needed in the world.  The delivery may vary, but the message is the same: this product or service is unique and better than others and it will improve your life like nothing else before.  Your brand needs to grab attention by the throat.  Not only that, your video needs to drive sales.  Explainers really do matter.  


To that end, the quality level of these videos is highly important.  If the message is that your brand is different, then your video shouldn’t be cookie-cutter.  The style and delivery of the video should complement your message.  Sometimes it means using animation.  Other times, it will be live action.  Customization is important and that’s where Picturelab comes in.


We’re not just a corporate video production company that shoots and edits.  We are creatives with years of experience working with brands, marketers and all types of industries from technology to service.  We will listen to your messaging, deep-dive into your product, and design a successful video.  We've done it for a dozen years for dozens of companies including startups like these.


A significant part of our process is listening to you and understanding how your product works.  We will ask for demos, decks, and mock presentations.  Our kickoff meetings will be all about you and your product.  We will ask about competitors, your vision, your company character, what your employees eat for lunch every day….  Every frame, every word, and every sound of your explainer video will reflect your brand and product.


Our work speaks for itself.  Below are examples of the different types of explainers we’ve produced over the last decade. Our Mint explainer started the big explainer craze, and everyone in the world has since copied it.  We’ve also done dozens of of live action explainers.  We’ve used humor, narratives, special and visual effects, 3D, 2D, etc, etc.


We are experts when it comes to explainer videos.  Contact Picturelab to learn how we can help.