We’ve produced quite a few videos in cybersecurity and this is one of our favorites.

AppOmni provides protection to your entire SaaS ecosystem, which is crucial since 3rd party apps are often overlooked and difficult to track and manage.

They asked us to create an animated explainer video to expose these risks and promote the AppOmni solution.

The SaaS ecosystem is often a vast galaxy with many different 3rd party apps orbiting primary SaaS programs.   So the design challenge was to depict a three dimensional space with 2D animation, creating a sense of depth and size.

The intro scene is dynamic with fluid movement and conveys the sense that this world and its risks are much grander than what we see.  The video continues with a similar theme of complexity until AppOmni is featured, and the design becomes much simpler to emphasize that AppOmni is indeed the solution.

Picturelab is a full service video production company and we have been writing, designing and producing animated explainer videos for over a dozen years.  We take credit for some of the most memorable and successful videos over the years like our Mint and Gong explainers.  Our specialty is simplifying the complex to tell a clear brand story.

Whether you’re cybersecurity firm, a B2B tech startup, or any company looking to create an explainer video, we’ll make it happen.

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