The Importance of CyberSecurity Videos

Cyber warfare rages on in every part of the world.  Elections are influenced, private data ransomed, corporate secrets stolen and exposed.  From governments to multinational companies down to the individual, we’re connected to our devices, and the world, whether we want it or not.  This exposure is why cybersecurity is a top priority and why there are so many services and startups rising up to fill the need.

Over the last several years, Picturelab has seen an increase in inquiries for cybersecurity videos.  Requests have ranged from straight explainer videos to creative content to product demos.

Most of these companies service cybersecurity professionals such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISO).  The CISOs and their teams have a tough job.  Often understaffed, they’re overworked and have to deal with everything from high-pressure situations like a major cyber assault to the ridiculous such as employees viewing things on their company machines that should be done quietly at home.

Cyber Security

How do videos help Cyber Security companies?

Startups and established companies alike are providing solutions to make the CISO and other security professionals’ lives easier.  New processes and systems and new services often require effort for adoption.  And a big part of that is of course, education.

That is where videos come into play.  

The Explainer Video hooks cyber security professionals.

Explainer videos can provide a short (usually under 90 seconds) overview of what a company or product does.  In the world of cyber security, CISOs and managers don’t have time to read a brochure or watch a ten-minute video.  They need a quick elevator pitch and it needs to be effective in piquing the exec’s interest.  If he or she is going to adopt a new thing, it better leave a mark, and the explainer is an effective top funnel tool to make that happen.

The Explainer Video hooks cyber security professionals.

The Product Demo reels them in.

Once you have them hooked, you have to reel them in.  The product demo or tour video is a more in-depth dive into the product or service.  They tend to be longer (usually 3-5 minutes), and is more than just pretty animation.  They often feature the actual product in action, instructing and guiding the viewer on all the bells and whistles.  The alternative is a live demo, which has its place in the sales process, but sometimes it’s optimal for the cyber security professional to simply watch a video on his or her own time.

Videos help cyber security companies stand out.

Videos help cyber security companies stand out.

With all the different startups entering the field, your company needs to stand out.  A video helps you establish your brand and show potential clients that you’re not just another company.  It gives you a name, a face and a voice – an identity that words or pictures on a website don’t.

Picturelab can help with your cyber security videos.

Picturelab can help with your cyber security videos.

We have been working with cyber security companies for the past decade.  We’ve produced everything from funny videos to explainers to in-depth product tours.  We understand the language and have a strong familiarity to the industry.

If you’re a cyber security firm looking to make a video, Picturelab should definitely be on your short list of video production companies. Contact us to learn more.

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