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Customer Testimonial - more than a talking head.

Customer testimonial videos are the ultimate combination of honest endorsement and trust-building for your brand. Through testimonial videos, real people talk about how your product or service has provided them with solutions. And it’s for this reason that they should always be included as part of any effective video marketing strategy.

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‍Testimonial Videos in a Nutshell

What does a testimonial video do? It functions as an endorsement of your brand and provides a channel of advocacy for your organization. These videos are lauded for their ability to build trust and confidence in companies.

A well-produced testimonial video provides background information on a posed problem, so viewers can better understand a customer’s recommendation. They go above and beyond by not only featuring interview footage, but also a B-Roll of the person providing the testimonial. This creates further context for the viewer and as a result, reinforces trust and confidence-building.

The best testimonial video is one that is informative, relaxed, and speaks directly to your customer. When a customer can give context on how your product solved their specific problem, you’re well on your way to fostering an environment where customers can make their decisions based on a positive outlook of your company.

To put the subject at ease and to make the video more relatable, a testimonial video should be filmed in a familiar environment that relates both to your customers and brand.

What Is The Process For Creating A Testimonial Video?

As in any type of video production process, there’s a flow from conception to completion of your testimonial video. The process is unique for testimonial videos as you’ll need to find a star client to film the video with. However, they're a great way to capture honest feedback and real customer testimonials.

The first step in the process is to identify customers willing to provide a testimonial video. Once we found a subject, we will then search for a suitable location to film and develop interview questions that speak to your brand’s solution.

Once filming is up, we’ll edit the video, finalize, and it’s a wrap! You’re now the proud owner of a high-quality, professional testimonial video that’s sure to connect with your audience.

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The Video Testimonial vs. Written Testimonials

There’s less authenticity built into written testimonials, as consumers are skeptical of their origin and whether or not they’re factual. While most companies are decent about the testimonials they provide, it’s easy enough to fake them. 

As such, a customer testimonial video provides trust and credibility from the start. By associating your product or service with an actual customer, you’ll go a long way in refuting any challenge to the authenticity of your testimonial.

The real person standing in the frame of the camera, who likes your product enough to associate themselves with it makes all the difference for prospective customers. Therefore, prospective customers are more likely to trust video testimonial compared to written testimonials.

What Makes A Good Testimonial Video?

A great customer video testimonial is one that is short and conveys a clear message. They’re typically short and straight to the point, which allows the brand and companies to provide them to email subscribers, on their web page, and on suitable social media channels.

Creativity is an important component in any well-produced testimonial video, but well-composed videos typically follow this framework: 

  1. Introduce the client and their pain point.

  2. Demonstrates how your product provides a solution to their problem.

  3. Shows the results of your solution.

  4. Personal touch and B-side roll.

  5. Clear call-to-action.


The Benefits Of A Testimonial Video

The greatest benefit of video testimonials is that they build trust and credibility for your business. Customer testimonials are trustworthy and go a long way in providing confidence in your product to future clients.

Social awareness and word-of-mouth are proven methods to improve your marketing effectiveness and promote your brand. Testimonial videos are easily incorporated in both ways and provide the ultimate confidence-building process.

There’s a psychological process that takes place behind the scenes and testimonials tap into our bias because when we’re buying a product or service, we trust the opinions of other customers.

Higher Quality Means Greater Engagement

Videos produced with higher picture quality can greatly improve viewer watch time and engagement. It works the same way as when you're scrolling through your social media newsfeed or finding videos on YouTube. As an audience, you are more likely to trust someone who has made the extra effort to stage and produce their video. 

One great way to test this theory is to look at your engagement. If viewers are abandoning your videos, it’s a good sign that you need more substance. Consulting with a trusted video production company that works on testimonial videos specifically will set your brand up for success right from the start of your project.

If you’re including a call-to-action in your customer testimonial video, high-quality videos are a necessity. Your company will see its return on investment when viewers follow your video’s CTAs and find your brand’s content worth their time. 


Leaves A Lasting Impression

While testimonials may seem straightforward, a creative touch may be just what you need to elevate the video experience. Engagement is boosted by video quality, but it’s also improved through creative means too. Think about the commercials that have stuck with you the most. They’re different in some way, whether it’s through humor, visuals, or clever dialogue. 

Testimonial videos are no exception to this. Leave a lasting impression by ramping up your creative process, sharing your customer’s experience, and providing visuals. This also helps boost engagement and leave an impression your customers will remember for the foreseeable future.

This is a great step to getting the nod if any of their friends or business associates need your solution for their problems. 

Why Choose Testimonial Video?

Customer video testimonials are the way to go if you’re looking to promote your brand, build trust, and connect with your prospective customers in a medium that they enjoy and search for every day. 

Testimonial videos combine honest feedback from customers with great video production to boost brand awareness. 

Customer Testimonial Videos As A Form Of Storytelling

Compelling stories are the most powerful content marketing tool on the planet. You might remember some of the stories from your youth, and this type of long-lasting impact could also boost sales and trust in your brand. 

Capturing your clients and their honest feedback about your brand will equip your customers with the knowledge that your product will solve their problems, and makes it more likely that they’ll remember your business in the long term. 

Remember, this isn’t just some other sales pitch, but rather a window for future clients to see into how you solve their problems and elevate their business in return. 

The Best Way To Take It To The Next Level

Written testimonials are great, but testimonial videos should be sought out for their effectiveness. A live-action testimonial is the most effective way to accelerate the trust-building process with your potential end-users and channel partners online. Putting real customers in front of the camera while showing the value of a given product, company, or solution, can be impactful to prospective clients.

As fellow consumers, we too consider testimonial videos to be the most effective sales communication tools on the web today. They help prospects establish a true frame of reference by visually seeing the real faces behind the people and companies.

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Share Your Testimonial Video

Due to their precise nature, the video testimonial is one of the most flexible options when it comes to online distribution. It's also one of the best ways to capture customer testimonials.

You can use them on your website homepage to grab the attention of visitors. You can provide them on services pages, on landing pages, in emails, or on social media. 

This versatility makes them useful in every step of your sales cycle. Whether you provide the testimonial early in the funnel or use them to close deals, testimonials have a place in any and every funnel. 

Businesses that share authentic content on social media can see growth in their following and brand awareness. Additionally, the client can also promote the testimonial on their social media to further the reach and generate even more engagement.  

Impactful Testimonial Video Production

How do you create an impactful testimonial video? There's a lot that goes through creating testimonials. Aside from finding the perfect subject, you must also prioritize the filming location, the narrative, and post-production editing.

To make this process smoother, brands hire the services of professional video production companies such as Picturelab. With our 12 years of experience in producing high-quality videos, we have a clear understanding of how testimonials should be: clever, concise, and clear.

Our expertise in video production and the creative process that comes along with it allows us to turn your vision into a reality.


PictureLabs And Your Next Testimonial Video

Ready to dive in and elevate your sales game, branding, and video presence? PictureLab can take care of everything you need — from conception through production and release. As one of the most sought-after video production companies, quality is our top priority.

A professionally produced testimonial video is among our expertise, and our award-winning staff will deliver the quality you need to drive sales and build a brand full of trust and confidence. Trust PictureLab with the best in testimonial video production services!

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Corporate Communications

Dominik B.

CEO, stealth startup

Extremely fast communication, very direct, understood our needs well, no B.S.

Justin K.

Director of Development

We hired Picturelab to create two explainer videos for our launch at CES, and we could not be happier with the outcome! Everything about the process was simple, well thought out smooth. The team was very friendly, communicated effectively and produced fantastic work. Thank you Picturelab!!!

Joe M.

VP for Marketing, Brazen

They were able to portray our software in the best light.

Vivian A.

VP Marketing

We had a short turnaround time for the demo video we wanted to produce and Alex and his Picturelab team delivered! We are very happy with the final product.

Lisa M.

"I've had such a wonderful experience with PictureLab! They've done a great job at helping us capture, create, edit, and finalize customer video testimonials."

Our Process

  • Discussing Clients' Vision and Goals

    Before we even meet, we’ll do our homework and learn as much as we can about your product, audience, and impact.  During our initial meetings, we’ll discuss in detail your brand, your goals, your vision, and your idea for a perfect video.  From there, we’ll get to work.

  • Coming up With Creative Concepts

    Give us about a week and we’ll come back with ideas, recommendations, and some really deep life-changing wisdom. As a creative agency, it's also our job to show you endless concepts for your business needs. You’ll tell us what you think.  And then we’ll tell you what we think.  And we’ll keep cooking until it’s super-delicious for everyone.

  • Shooting or Animating the Video

    Once we have the winning concept and script, we’ll start production.  If it’s live-action, we’ll cast actors, source locations, round up the crew, and shoot the video.  The shoot usually takes a day or two for a 60-90 second video.  What’s special about our process is that every shot is customized to fit the brand and vision.  For this reason, we welcome our clients’ presence and input during the shoot. 

    The process is similar to animation projects.  We present style frames, animatics, voice talent selects, and animated cuts to our clients at each milestone to make sure every frame serves the vision.  We love involving our clients at every stage of the process – no surprises.

  • Post Production and Final Delivery

    After the shoot, we enter post-production, which includes editing, graphics, audio mixes, and color treatment.  Our goal is to deliver a final video that wows.  So we don’t count the number of revisions within each stage – we’ll do it until it’s right.  When the video is approved, we’ll deliver the final video and if you want us to, we’ll help share it with the world.

Our Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key to a successful testimonial video is the content.  Your client who loves you and will evangelize on your behalf is the most important thing.  We’ll do everything else to make your client and your brand look and sound amazing.  That includes high quality footage, relevant b-roll, and a strong soundtrack.

Your testimonial video should make your brand and your client stand out. That means the video and audio quality must be at a high level. That starts with a professional crew and equipment on set, and continues to the editor who can put it all together.

We start with a general overview of the client’s company and operations. After that, we ask the pain points they deal with day to day. Once we have identified the problem, we ask them to discuss how our client’s product or service has been the solution.

A good testimonial video will have strong content most of all. Even a pretty looking video is not effective unless the overall message and delivery are strong. That means you’ll need to find talent that knows how to deliver on camera. And then, everything else, visual and audio quality, relevant b-roll, and a fitting soundtrack are all important in making a good customer testimonial video.

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