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A vibrant metropolis with small-town charms, Orange is located in northern Orange County. Since the county's foundation in 1888, it has a rich culture, a diverse population, and a long history. Cultural attractions, shopping malls, antique stores, and historical landmarks are some of the attractions in Orange City.

The city of Orange is home to many historical buildings; some constructed even before it was founded! More than 202,000 people live in Orange City, making it California's 44th largest city.

The business climate in Orange City is also favorable. Despite being small, the city is large enough to handle infrastructure needs and create close-knit connections in the community. Video production is an effective way to stand out against your business competitors in Orange!

Elevate Your Video Production With Picturelab


The importance of creating a compelling video to attract prospects is often overlooked by companies and brands.

As a top-notch video production company, Picturelab is known for producing award-winning video content. Our proven video production process helps companies create a unique business personality and raise brand awareness.

Picturelab is one of the Bay Area's largest video production studios, with more than 12 years of experience in the field. Creating a unique video project for every brand and client is the passion and commitment of our creative team at Picturelab. 

Picturelab will come up with commercial videos, corporate videos, demo reels, explainer videos, and testimonials suited for your brand and target audience.

A Peek Into Our Creative Video Process

At Picturelab, your time and resources are valuable. The video production phase can be lengthy, but our video team will strive to make the entire process as simple as possible for our clients. Utilizing our four-step editing process, we help you identify your goals and make this vision a reality.

  • Step 1: Discussing Clients' Vision and Goals - During the pre-production process, we'll do our research and learn as much as we can about your product, audience, and impact.  A perfect video begins by discussing your brand, your goals, and your vision.  After the planning stage, we will get to work.
  • Step 2: Coming up With Creative Concepts - We'll get back to you about a week from the planning phase with some ideas, recommendations, and life-transforming wisdom. As part of the pre-production phase, we're tasked with coming up with endless concepts to meet your business needs.
  • Step 3: Shooting or Animating the Video - We will begin production once we have the winning concept and script.  In the case of live-action, we will cast actors, scout locations, round up crew members, and shoot the video. For animation projects, the process is similar.  At each milestone, we present our clients with style frames, animatics, voice talent selections, and animated cuts to make certain that every frame serves their vision.
  • Step 4: Post Production Process, Video Editing, and Final Delivery - Following the shoot, we begin post-production, which includes graphics, audio mixes, and color correction. Our video editor will strive for a fascinating final cut.

Let’s Get Started On Your Project!

We will ensure that your final video is in line with your company's values and personality throughout the entire production phase. Aside from Orange, we also offer services in Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach.

With Picturelab's creative team, you can easily make your ideas come to life! For more information, please contact us today.


Let's make something incredible.

Creative video production for every stage of your product, brand, and journey.

Corporate Communications

Dominik B.

CEO, stealth startup

Extremely fast communication, very direct, understood our needs well, no B.S.

Justin K.

Director of Development

We hired Picturelab to create two explainer videos for our launch at CES, and we could not be happier with the outcome! Everything about the process was simple, well thought out smooth. The team was very friendly, communicated effectively and produced fantastic work. Thank you Picturelab!!!

Joe M.

VP for Marketing, Brazen

They were able to portray our software in the best light.

Vivian A.

VP Marketing

We had a short turnaround time for the demo video we wanted to produce and Alex and his Picturelab team delivered! We are very happy with the final product.

Lisa M.

"I've had such a wonderful experience with PictureLab! They've done a great job at helping us capture, create, edit, and finalize customer video testimonials."


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