Customer Testimonial Videos: 3 Reasons to do it Right

There’s no question the value of customer testimonial videos. It’s an endorsement from an impartial witness of the impactful and life-changing power of your product or service. We rely on third-party opinions every day, for simple things like buying a book or grabbing dinner.

But unlike customer reviews on platforms like Amazon or Yelp, the testimonial video is an opportunity for prospects to truly connect with a person’s experience. It has the power to engage emotions and convey the value of your brand in narrative form, which studies have shown elevates sales results.

The video will live on your website and social channels, and be seen by every potential buyer. The ROI is there, and the investment should be made to not only produce them, but to do them well.

Here are three reasons why….

Reason 1: Storytelling is an Art

A testimonial is a hero story. There’s a problem and a hero shows up to save the day. A well-told story will take us on an epic journey that connects us emotionally to the hero’s cause. By the end, we too will be shouting, “I am Spartacus,” usually without knowing when or where we joined the caravan.

We know from family gatherings that not everyone knows how to tell a story well. Aunt Maggie will mesmerize us with her exploits at a bake sale. And then every family has an Uncle Reggie, whose nephews and nieces are secretly passing smelling salts to each other.

When producing a customer testimonial, it’s very important that Aunt Maggie, or an expert storyteller, crafts your narrative.


Reason 2: Presentation Matters

A testimonial need not be a landmark piece in videography, but it does need to look good. Most viewers might not know or care about every detail that goes into making a quality video, but they will know if something is bad. They’ll feel it, and consciously or not, it will taint their perception of your brand and your customers’ as well.

You don’t need expensive equipment to make a good looking video, but you do need professional expertise. The right talent will make sure every shot, graphic and audio represents the quality of your brand.


Reason 3: Make your customer look good

Yes, because they’re making you look good. Use a decent camera and professional lighting. Maybe a little make-up as well. Don’t overlook audio — nothing ruins a video more than a bad sound recording.

Do a professional edit with graphics and some nice b-roll of your customer’s awesome place of business.

Make your customers look good because you’re promoting their brand as much as yours. That will make them very happy with you, and other customers will be more inclined to do testimonials for you as well.

It may be very tempting to get budget-conscious and DIY with your phone. But invest in producing a quality customer testimonial video, and you’ll definitely see the returns.

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