Top 10 Branding Videos

Branding videos make a statement. It tells us who you are, what you’re about and why you’re different from the rest.

We love producing branding videos. Over the last ten years, we have created some of the most memorable and widely-viewed corporate branding spots including several national television commercials.

Here are the top ten branding videos from 2008 to 2018.

10. Planet

Planet’s small fleet of satellites are transforming the way we see our world. This 3D animated video showcased the Planet brand.

9. Exaclyme

This live action lifestyle video introduced exaclyme’s social media app that allows users to express and share visual opinions with friends. Through the use of photos, the app allows users to document their experiences and tag each photo with “me” or “not me” making it clear where you stand on the topics you post about. We think this branded spot provides a snapshot of the fun and visceral experience that users around the world will share.

8. Thumbtack

We wanted to tell Thumbtack’s brand story visually without narration to demonstrate how simple it is to use. We also used a firebreather because…well, firebreathers are super cool.

7. New Relic for iPhone

One of two branding spots on this list for New Relic. This live action video shows how important the New Relic brand is in taking care of stuff remotely. The phone in the video is outdated, but not the quality of this commercial.

6. Nurmash

Our friends from Kazakhstan came up with a brilliant marketing app for businesses large and small. Then they traveled to @PictureLab to ask for help telling the world about it! The result of our intercontinental courtship was this highly engaging web commercial. Oh, and remind us to tell you the full story!

5. Synology

Another of our many collaborations with Synology illustrating the life of a creative idea to showcase the features of Synology’s private cloud platform. Shot in beautiful San Francisco with a top-notch cast, this is one of our favorite commercial spots.

4. Personal Capital

In collaboration with Personal Capital’s Creative Director Michael Griffin Kelly, we wanted to find a memorable way of introducing financial planning to a generation that sometimes doesn’t fully grasp the long-term benefits or consequences of their current financial decisions. We developed a story where our characters breezily slip through time as the ripple effects of careless decisions disrupt the lives of their future selves. One of our top fintech television commercials.

3. New Relic for iOS & Android

We love comedy! This commercial is not only hilarious but shows the fun and playfulness of the brand. A good way to draw an audience.

2. Stitcher

Mobility and customization. Stitcher asked us to showcase their brand’s relevance and utility. We created this visual spot to highlight one of their top products.

1. eSignal

eSignal provides smarter tools to make smarter trades. Simple idea that is effectively shown in this live action and motion graphics brand video. One of our favorite corporate videos, this spot ran on national television for several weeks.

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