How to Interview Your Customers for a Testimonial Video

Tips to conduct interviews for a customer testimonial video…like a boss!

You’re thrilled!

Your customer has agreed to be interviewed for a testimonial video. She will go on camera and proclaim to the world how much she loves you. The video will be a shining object on your website, forever drawing customers to your brand. And your customer will very much appreciate if she looks good as well.

Many of the people you’ll interview for a customer testimonial are pros, but some need a little coaching. As a video production company that specializes in testimonials, we conduct these interviews all the time. But if you’re a marketing or product person, it may not be something you do every day. Here a few tips to help you interview like a boss.

Provide Testimonial Interview Questions and Key Messaging to your client in Advance

The number of questions will vary with each situation, but generally, for a two-minute testimonial video, it will be about 5 to 10 questions. Your customer will appreciate if you can send these questions to her in advance.

She will have time to prepare and even rehearse. There will be opportunities to add, subtract, and modify, as needed.

It’s also often helpful if you can provide her with key talking points. This is not to put words in her mouth, but to make it easier for her to answer your questions. It also ensures she’ll say what you want her to say during the interview. Again, a testimonial interview is not a CNN interview. It’s not fully scripted, either, but the point is for her to say things that will make for a smashing customer video.

What should your customer wear to the interview?

Avoid pure whites and tight patterns. Cameras don’t like them. Solid colors work well.

How do I create a good interview environment?

The chair should be comfortable. The room should be a good temperature. There should be water on hand for your customer. When you interview, stand at a good eye line and an easy distance and direction so that she’s not straining to look at you. All of this creates for a nice relaxed environment, which is important especially if she’s nervous.

If available, have some powder available, especially for men with a larger forehead than they’d like. It’s a distraction if they’re thinking about the shine forming above their eyebrows.

Next, get your customer talking. Could be about anything. This helps her to get used to the cameras and lights.

Things to remind your clients during the interview.

1) Don’t look at the camera (unless you want them to).

2) Restate the question in the answer.

For example:

“What’s your name?”

She shouldn’t just answer, “Mary.” It should instead be, “My name is Mary.”

3) Don’t move your hands too much.

Some do it more than others, but it becomes a distraction on camera and the mics often pick up the movements.

4) It’s OK to make mistakes.

That’s why editors get paid the big bucks. It also helps with editing if you have the client repeat certain words like the company names and often-used transitions.

Crafting Compelling Video Testimonial Questions: Boosting Credibility and Sales

In the world of marketing, video testimonials have emerged as a powerful way to build trust, establish credibility, and boost sales. They offer valuable insights into a product or service’s impact on a customer’s business, and they can be an inspiration for prospects considering a purchase. But to harness the full potential of video testimonials, marketers need to ask the right questions.

Why Video Testimonials Matter:

Before delving into the questions, let’s highlight why video testimonials hold such sway. In a world awash with information, customers often turn to reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. Video testimonials stand out because they humanize the facts, showcase real-life experiences, and address the pain points and challenges that potential buyers are considering. They go beyond the bottom line of product benefits and lead to an emotional connection.

Creating a Collection of Impactful Video Testimonials:

Marketers who understand the power of video testimonials have a chance to impact the way viewers perceive their products and services. This approach goes beyond traditional text-based reviews; it’s about storytelling, and it’s a powerful branding tool.

The Right Questions for Video Testimonials:

  1. Problem and Solution: Start by asking about the challenges someone faced and how your product or service provided a solution.
  2. Experience and Impact: Explore their experience using your product or service and the results it delivered for their business.
  3. Features and Benefits: Inquire about the aspects and features that stood out, along with the specific benefits they found most valuable.
  4. Recommendations: Find out if they would recommend your solution and why. Recommendations carry tremendous weight.
  5. Trust and Credibility: Dive into their thoughts on how your service impacted their trust in your brand.
  6. Expectations and Reality: Ask about how your product or service met or exceeded their expectations.

Examples of Impactful Video Testimonials:

  • Case Studies: Provide in-depth insights into how your product or service solved a complex problem for a business, with quantifiable results.
  • Customer Success Stories: Showcase the journey of a customer, detailing their challenges, the decision to purchase, and the remarkable outcomes.
  • Product Reviews: Ask users to share their thoughts on specific features, benefits, and their overall experience with your offering.

The Power of Video Content:

Google loves video content, and it can significantly boost your search rankings. Including video testimonials on your website can lead to higher engagement, more leads, and an increased chance of conversions.

Aligning with Buyer Personas:

Tailor your video testimonial questions to align with the needs and goals of your buyer personas. This ensures your testimonials speak directly to your target audience.

Video testimonials are a golden opportunity for businesses to showcase the real-life benefits of their products or services. By asking the right video testimonial questions, marketers can create an impactful collection of content that not only boosts credibility but also guides prospects towards making the right purchase decisions. It’s not just about reviews; it’s about storytelling and building trust.


The above tips help with making things go smoothly as well as capturing the content you need in the video. It also keeps things fun and less stressful for everyone. Happy interviewing!

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