5 Impressive Examples of Animated Product Marketing Videos for Your Business

As consumer sentiment shifts and our digital world evolves, there is only one form of content that has been left unchanged: animated product marketing videos

This is more than just speculation. Product marketing videos have long been associated with higher revenues and sales volumes, as animated features capture the imaginations of audiences with an ever-decreasing attention span. Hundreds of brands have reaped the benefits in droves, leading to impressive outcomes such as conversions, revenue, and growth.

Getting started with animated product videos could be easier than you think, especially if you choose to partner with an explainer video production firm in San Francisco. However, it’s still a good idea to hone your vision before launching into production, especially if you can find some examples that embody what you want.

Let’s jump into five great examples of product explainer videos, talking through the principles of success, ways to choose between live-action and 2D animation, and how to shoot a product video of your own.

5 Companies With Great Product Video Examples

As you prepare to shoot a product animation video for your brand, it may be valuable to derive inspiration from the giants that came before.

Let’s look at five unique companies that built great product explainer videos through a combination of motion graphics and strategy.

1. Synology

Network-attached storage appliance company Synology wanted an animated product marketing video that could capture the unique challenges and pain points of their target audience. Their video quickly states the problem, solution, and results viewers can get by using their product.

Pay attention to the fluffy animation style of the video, as well as the fun voice-over and video script. This is an excellent way to communicate dense information related to technology.

2. Aiqudo

The Aiquido app allows customers to use voice commands more efficiently. This explainer acts as a guide for how Aiqudo’s software could be better utilized by users.

The first thing you’ll notice about Aiqudo’s video explainer is the presence of animated characters and a lack of bold text. The viewer is able to understand the message in a highly visual way, and won’t get distracted by anything else in the foreground.

3. New Relic Synthetics

New Relic Synthetics is a SaaS company that provides automated app monitoring. The company wanted to take a more fun approach to explainer videos by telling a story through visuals. 

The animated characters act out the words of the narrator while still conveying a message. All elements of the video — from the sound to the branding — seamlessly fit into their final strategy.

4. Nok Nok Passwordless Identification

Nok Nok‘s authentication platform needed to inform customers of its complex product offerings. They settled on an animation explainer video that could highlight various aspects of their brand and UVP.

This cartoon is clean, clear, and precise. You’ll notice the animated effects are kept relatively tame to avoid distracting the viewer.

5. Rundeck

The team at Rundeck makes it possible to execute self-service operations on the fly. Their animated explainer was designed to communicate values with a simple, clear message for entrepreneurs.

You’ll notice that all the messages in the video are clearly explained by the voice-over talent. The goal is to communicate with total efficiency and frame the company as an industry leader. 

Animated vs. Live Action Explainer Videos: Which to Choose?

So maybe animated videos just aren’t your style, or maybe you’re just not sure if they’re right for you. Are animated spots really the best fit for your business? 

Well, that depends on you.

Here’s how to tell if your explainer video should be animated or live action:

  • If you own a SaaS that offers a digital service (think Spotify), animated videos may be easier for clients to understand. If you own a physical company that sells a tangible product (think Starbucks), you may want to try live-action video content.
  • If the purpose of your video is to start buyers down a path of purchasing your product, animated videos could provide fewer distractions. Some live action videos may be too stimulating to viewers.
  • Consider your budget. While one video format isn’t necessarily more expensive than another, you need to consider how your resources may impact the final product.

Whether you choose to rely on digital animations or want a live action video with realistic imagery, be sure to consider your needs upfront. 

How to Shoot a Product Marketing Video

An animated explainer video is one of the most powerful parts of your marketing efforts. With the ultimate goal of reaching, informing, and inspiring a target audience, this unique form of video marketing can get the word out about your product like nothing else — especially when partnered with an explainer video production firm in San Francisco.

Now that you’ve been exposed to some great animation and winning ideas, here’s how to shoot a product marketing video for your business:

  • Write down everything you might want from your video. What sort of stories do you want to tell about your brand? Do you have a specific tone or narrative in mind?
  • Choose where the video will be distributed. Will you be posting on social media channels for brand awareness, uploading the footage to YouTube, or posting on your first-party platforms to capture quality user traffic?
  • Pick the ‘frills’ you want to add. Should your video have 3D animation or 2D animation? What do you want your music or brand colors to look like on the screen? 

With all the basics covered in order, there’s just one step remaining: finding the right company to create your animation videos. It’s important to select a team that has plenty of industry experience and can provide the power, creativity, and focus you need to deliver an excellent outcome. And for hundreds of clients all over Orange County, that team has been found in Picturelab.

If you enjoyed looking through the explainer videos above and want to learn more about our process, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the online contact form. We’ll connect with you ASAP to set up a timeline and provide an estimate of our services. Reach out today to get started!

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