4 Corporate Videos Every Company Needs

Videos work. People watch them, share them, and discuss them. They increase traffic to your website and are powerful tools in boosting sales. The ROI is there, and now, more than ever, videos are integral to a company’s marketing strategy from traditional to digital.

Every company should have at least one video on their site.

But considering the time and cost of producing a quality video, you still need to figure out what type of video to make.

To help your decision-making, here are four different types of videos you should prioritize.

Videos for companies:


Explainer Videos

You have a product or a service — what exactly is it and how does it work? A good explainer will do two things. First, it will alleviate any confusion or concern that a potential buyer has about your product. The video won’t answer every single question, but it will remove that first layer of doubt. After watching a good explainer, the viewer should say, “Oh, so that’s what they do.”

Secondly, the explainer, like any other video, is a sales tool. It will differentiate you from your competitors. If you’re just selling burgers, you won’t need an explainer. But if you’re selling burgers through a new interactive ordering system, an explainer will show how you are different from the rest. In other words, if you’re boring, you don’t need an explainer. But if your stuff is cutting edge super-awesome, which you are, then you definitely need to produce an explainer video.

To learn more about Explainer videos, check out the example below, and read these articles: Why Explainer Videos Matter and Top 10 Explainer Videos.

Customer Testimonial Videos

When shopping for something, a potential customer wants to know what other people with experience have said about something. A customer testimonial video is an “endorsement from an impartial witness of the impactful and life-changing power of your product or service”.

Do you remember the PBS show, “Reading Rainbow?” When recommending some good reads, the host LeVar Burton would say, “You don’t have to take my word for it”. And then we get a few kids talking about their favorite book and why you should read it. How powerful was that watching it as a kid? We’d go and ask our parents to check out those books at the library.

A customer testimonial video will have other people talking about how great your product is. Have one or more of these on your site and it will drive people to trust what you have to offer them.

Here’s an example of a customer testimonial video. Also, check out this article: Customer Testimonial Videos: 3 Reasons to do it Right.

Branding Videos

Actually, all corporate videos are branding videos. By branding videos in this section, we’re talking about a video that is produced strictly to do nothing else but to spread your brand.

They promote your name, colors, logo, everything. Before you invite someone to your house for dinner, you want to know them. Who they are, what they do. Branding videos make you familiar to your potential buyers who will hopefully feel comfortable enough to invite you over.

Here’s an example of a branding video.

Culture and Lifestyle Videos

Corporate culture videos aren’t just recruiting tools anymore. They are sales and marketing videos. These days, a company’s identity and reputation are of the greatest importance to any potential client. From Eco-friendliness to treating employees well, client-provider relationships are now more than transactional. We want to work with people who care.

A culture and lifestyle video will show the world who you are. It will present you as a company that exists for more reasons than just making a buck. You work to make a difference in the world and this type of video will make that very clear.

Here’s an example of a culture/lifestyle video.

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