How to Leverage Video for Content Marketing

Different types of videos for content marketing campaigns.

Content is king, queen, jester and all of the above. It is what drives awareness and establishes an individual or brand as a thought and industry leader. The importance of content to marketing campaigns isn’t limited to larger businesses or specific industries. These days it applies to everyone, from the household labels to SMBs.

In fact, it may be more relevant to small businesses that may not be able to afford the cost of traditional marketing such as radio and television. For example, studies show that before a radio ad shows results, it has to air about 21 times a week for 52 weeks per year per station. In other words, it has to saturate the airwaves. No wonder we keep hearing that same annoying ad on our way home from work! And the cost of airing those commercials can range anywhere from $200.00 to $5000.00 per week.

The cost of content marketing? Basically the time and cost to create content. It’s part of a zero-dollar marketing strategy. Once your content is online, it’s there for a long time for basically free. It helps your SEO, brand awareness, and is a direct and targeted way to reach your base. And if you’re really good (or lucky), your stuff will get shared and reach viral status, which means a high ROI those other traditional methods won’t achieve.

And your content marketing campaign should be an integrated, multi-pronged approach. It should include social media engagement, articles, blogs, podcasts and, of course, video. Video especially is important for the simple fact that just about everybody watches videos online, about 90% of all internet users to give a number (UK Web Host Review). And having videos can drastically improve conversion rates.

Videos also give your brand a voice, a face and most of all, a feeling. Whatever that emotion is, it helps your audience to better connect with you, and in turn, it leads to trust and hopefully, sales.

If you’re wondering how you can use video to help your content marketing, here are some ways.

Social Media Videos

These are very basic clips shot with your phone or webcam. They’re meant to be short and quick with low production value. Many platforms such as LinkedIn have tools to help you create your video. So the technical aspect isn’t difficult. What’s more of a challenge is the content itself. It can be informative, humorous, inspiring or all of the above. But it needs to be helpful and have some entertainment value. If you’re stuck and would like some feedback on your ideas or need fresh new concepts, reach out to us here at Picturelab.

Branded Content

The main difference between social videos and branded content is the entertainment value. Branded content are not just ads or informative videos. They’re meant to be fun. This can be anything from a micro-documentary to comedy sketches to how-to videos. There are many creative options and could have some esoteric material, but they should appeal to a wider audience.

Branded content should have a higher production value. They should be shot and edited well and have solid graphics and design elements.

Product Demos and Reviews

These videos will preferably focus on your brand’s product and services, but it can also be about other cool stuff out there. They should of course focus on what is of interest to your audience, but they can be both fun and informative. You’ll need to maintain some level of production value. Keep the camera focused and steady if it’s live action. If it’s animated, make sure it’s well-paced and well-designed.

Here’s an example of an animated product demo:

Customer Testimonials

Ask customers to talk about how you helped them be successful. These are very powerful sales tools. Of course, these testimonials and case studies can be in print, but it’s much more effective if your audience hears from them directly in a video. These videos should have a good level of production value. To learn more about customer testimonials, go here.

These are just a few ideas to drive your video content marketing campaigns. If you’re trying to come up with something completely new, kudos!

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