Guide to Creating Amazing Video Content

Steps to producing videos for your content marketing.

Brands need videos to keep their content fresh, engaging and relevant. More than other types of content, videos connect your audience to your brand’s face, voice and character. It’s relevant and a must for brands that need to really stand out high in the sky.

But producing quality videos may be a challenge. One size does not fit all so you’ll need to consider the many variables that go into creating a successful video that produces results.

To help you through the process, follow these steps below.

Define Your Goal

The purpose of all marketing videos is to create brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. But that’s like saying the goal of soccer is to put the ball in the…well, goal. In the sport, there are many smaller objectives that coaches push for in order to increase a team’s chances of kicking the ball in the net. Aggressively penetrating a flank. Tight interior passing. Creating set pieces. Those smaller objectives are more easily accomplished and understood by the players than to simply telling them to score.

Likewise, what are the smaller objectives of the video? SEO? Web traffic? Drive requests for demos or free trials? Once you’re able to define these smaller objectives, then it’ll become clearer on how to approach your video content strategy.

Define the Approach

Now that you have your objectives, how will you approach it? Going back to the soccer analogy, you’ll need the right players for the type of game you want to play. If the goal is to play a fast game, you’ll need fast players. If you’ll be pressing a slower, set game, you’ll need tall, strong players.

Depending on the goal, you’ll need to produce the right type of video. For example, if the objective is to post short social media videos that do nothing more than disseminate updates, industry trends or even some inspirational message, then all you probably need is a video shot on your phone or a DSLR that you edit and post directly from your device. If the goal is to stand out and establish yourself as a quality brand, then you’ll need something more sophisticated and professionally produced.

Learn more about different types of videos for content marketing here.

Define the Budget

Professional videos can range anywhere from few hundred dollars to several thousand. Based on your goals and approach, you’ll get a sense of what type of video you need and how much you’ll need to budget. Most video production companies are able to scale and provide options to fit your budget. So if the type and quality of video you want seems a bit out of reach, it never hurts to call up a production company and discuss how to scope your project for the budget.

For more information about the video production costs and budgeting, check out this blog.

Define the Team

You may have team members in-house that can do videos. Sometimes it may make sense to hire a full-time employee or an entire team if the budget and need for video content is there. Or it may simply be enough to hire a freelancer to help with a project. Or if the preference is to just hand off a project to someone else, a video production company is the best way to go. Again, all of it depends on your goals and budget.

Learn more about how to choose a video production company here.

Content marketing is important in getting ahead. Gone are the days when you could simply post an ad online. You need to create content, and video is a key part of that.

You can also just contact a video content professional to take on content creation for you. Learn more about Picturelab’s content marketing services here.

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