Essential Reasons You Need a Corporate Video Editing Service for Your Content

Engaging videos are crucial to business success. Today, 90% of people want to see more videos from their favorite brands and businesses, and reliable service from a commercials production company is what you’ll need to achieve your marketing goals.

Increased video production should never lead to a drop in quality, in fact, more than 60% of customers develop a negative perception of your brand after watching a poor-quality video production.

To combat this, thousands of small businesses are turning to a commercials production company to deliver quality creative ideas to clients.

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Corporate Video Editing Service for Content

Partnering with a TV commercials production company gives your business the opportunity to create and produce animation or live-action advertising campaigns that authentically connect with clients.

Strengthens Your Online Presence

Customers prefer video over any other kind of marketing content. Almost 80% of customers watch some kind of video production every week. After watching, 84% of audiences will purchase a product or service from a website.

This television ad from eSignal is an excellent example of a professionally edited video that was used to strengthen an online presence.

Expect Professional Services

Professional video editing services let you concentrate on the core pursuits of your business without worrying about dips in quality. A video marketing agency also provides excellent customer service that will focus solely on your project and its presentation to a target audience.

For example, professional editing for The Inheritance Company gave the business time to focus on other pursuits.

Video Outcome Shows Professional Quality

Sprinkling professionalism into your video content will have a huge impact on ROI—87% of marketers say it gives them a better return on investment. Adding post-production elements such as diagrams, charts, and overlay screens to your content helps visitors retain information and trust your brand as a result.

MobileIron’s explainer commercial video production combines professional quality with a whimsical, engaging storyline.


Professional Video Editing Services for Your Needs

Having a great idea for a television commercial is one thing, but bringing it to life is quite another. At Picturelab, we strive to be the best commercials production company in Los Angeles, serving San Francisco as a full-service video production company.

Trust our creative agency to provide clarity throughout the entire process, developing expertly edited TV commercials, corporate videos, explainer educational videos, and more. Call today to learn how our quality work could complement your commercial projects.


Commercials Production Company FAQs

Do you offer other video services other than editing?

Apart from editing, Picturelab’s commercial production company focuses on digital advertising, high-level animation ads, and more. Get in touch with the team today and discuss how our expertise and knowledge could be staying true to your vision.

How much time does video editing take?

It may take some time for a final cut of your product to move through the post-production phase. Multiple factors are involved, including digital format, industry type, and project size. Commercial production companies like Picturelab provide a complimentary commercial video timeline for your final product.

Is there a maximum number of revisions you’ll accept?

Picturelab takes the development of winning concepts very seriously. The work we produce should always capture the focus of your brand with a fun, creative story—with zero revision limits ever imposed.

To learn more about our solutions, contact our commercial video production department at 650-965-4898 or email us at today!

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