Best Marketing Videos of the Decade

Favorite Videos of the 2010s

Founded in 2009, Picturelab has just finished its first full decade. And it was a good one.

We produced hundreds of videos ranging from animated explainers to national television commercials. We worked with some of the most innovative and trailblazing companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Synology. We have also produced for exciting startups, seeing them grow from seed to bloom. Companies like Box, Mint, Gong, PagerDuty, Visually, Flipboard, Edmodo, Thumbtack, New Relic, Dropcam, and many others.

In celebration of our success in the last decade, here are our top ten favorite videos from 2010-2019 (in no particular order).

Animated Explainer Videos

Mint Explainer (2010)

Back in 2010, the explainer craze hadn’t taken off yet. When Mint (pre-Intuit acquisition), approached Picturelab to create a video that shows people what they do, we knew it had to be catchy, to the point, and comprehensive, all in a short amount of time. Back then we called these visual elevator pitches, “Overview Videos”. The Mint video would go on to be one of the most successful – and widely copied – explainer videos of all time. Explainer (2011)

Infographics are everywhere these days, but ten years ago, it was a medium that was just taking off. Visually wanted an explainer to introduce their new platform – a place for people to post and view infographics. Visually eventually became more than that, but our explainer video helped them to launch not just a website, but an entire visualization movement.

Planet Explainer (2016)

One of the coolest and most exciting startups we’ve worked with, Planet has a fleet of satellites (yes, those in space!) that helps us see changes in our environment. They asked Picturelab to create a slick explainer showing what they do and how it can change the world. Using 3D animation, we created an inspirational piece unlike any other animated explainers we’ve done before.

Live Action Explainer Videos

Gong Explainer (2017)

Here at Picturelab, we love out-of-the-box. And one of our favorite clients is Gong, a totally out-of-the-box company that has become a vanguard not only in the sales industry, but also in marketing. Whenever they approach us for a video, we know it’ll be something fun. In the summer of 2017, we hadn’t yet produced any videos for them. Before diving into a full production, they asked us to pitch them a few concepts. We put on our best Don Draper caps and pitched them 3 concepts, one of which became the Gong Explainer. Funny, informative and memorable, it’s still one of our favorite all-time live action explainers.

Stitcher Explainer (2012)

Many of us here at Picturelab are filmmakers, and any production that requires several locations and actors gets us excited. Stitcher is a fun product and making this video was equally fun. This one remains one of our top videos on our portfolio 8 years later.

Live Action Commercials

eSignal National Television Commercial (2015)

ESignal needed a commercial to show the comprehensiveness of their online trading platform. It’s the perfect tool for the stay-at-home trader and they had paid media to showcase it. We produced this short but sweet commercial that aired on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC and others.

Personal Capital National Television Commercial (2017)

If you could look at your future self straight in the eye, could you still steal from your future? That’s the fun concept we came up with in this television commercial for Personal Capital.

Live Action Product Launch Videos

NVIDIA Tegra 3 Product Launch (2011)

Yes, that’s right, Tegra 3…this was 2011 after all. We shot this video everywhere, and no special effects. Roller coaster, water-skiing, even on an airplane. How cool is that?

New Relic Mobile Product Launch (2014)

Everything is mobile these days but that integration wasn’t compulsory back in the early 2010s. When New Relic got in the game, we were there to make a video for it, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Fun Marketing Video

Gong Sales and the City (2019)

Didn’t I say Gongsters are a fun lot? Yep, and what a way to end a decade than with a hilarious spin-off of a much-loved television series. Gong Sales and the City was a short and sweet project, but one of our favorites of the 2010s.

As Picturelab enters the new decade, we hope to create many more fun and impactful marketing videos. Contact us and perhaps your video will be featured as one of our top videos of the 2020s!

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