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As a creative firm that specializes in explainer videos, Picturelab and our sister video production company, Transvideo, have worked with some of the most exciting startups in the world. And sure, many of these startups didn’t last very long, but several have gone on to become quite successful.

Here are five explainer videos of companies that kicked ass.


Cloud content management and collaboration is an everyday thing now, but in 2009, it was something that we were still wary of. We were using emails, FTPs, thumb drives and so on. And then came Box (or at the time,

Picturelab created several videos for Box, including their explainer video, which we also call “Overviews”. This 2D animated video does what an explainer should effectively do – introduce the problem and then show how the brand is the solution…all in 90 seconds.

Box went public in 2015 and as of 2017, it had 1850 employees and over 8 million users.


Education technology is a thriving industry and Edmodo has become one of its leading firms. The company has over 100 million users worldwide and in 2018, NetDragon acquired Edmodo for $137.5M in cash and stock.

But back in 2011, the firm wasn’t what it is today and they needed a creative video production firm to produce an explainer. We came up with this visual tour of their platform that effectively communicates their brand and purpose without a single spoken word.

New Relic

In 2011, New Relic asked Picturelab to create a video that explained how they help companies scale their web apps. We came up with a simple and fun 2D animated product tour.

The San Francisco-based company now has over 14,000 paid business accounts with revenue of over $475 million. New Relic went public in December of 2014.


In 2009, Picturelab created the explainer video that is still ranked as one of the best explainers by multiple ranking sites. Simple but effective, it’s a perfect example of what a visual “elevator pitch” should be.

Mint is one of the most successful startups we’ve worked with. As of 2016, Mint had over 20 million users worldwide and not long after the video’s release, Intuit acquired Mint for $170 million.


Founded in 2015, Gong is one of the most disruptive and fastest rising firms in the world of sales. As of early 2020, Gong has raised over $133 million and has become a household name by anyone who has anything to do with sales.

Picturelab wrote and produced this live action explainer video in 2017. It’s packed with information but at the same time, the pacing keeps the action moving and light. The subtle humor beautifully captures the company’s out-of-the-box approach and character.

Explainer videos are very important in connecting a brand to their customers and investors. So, Picturelab, in our own humble way, has contributed to the success of many amazing startups, and hopefully, many more to come.

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