5 Reasons why you introduce your products with video

Sales has always been visual. I’m not a historian but I’m sure back in the ancient times, no one sold anything without some kind of a demo. Whether it’s an ancient Egyptian fisherman selling his catch or a wandering troupe peddling cure-all sugar water, there were things on display for people to see.

We’re visual creatures, we need to see before we buy. In short, that’s why you introduce your products with video. There, boom, no need to read anymore. But if you need a little more convincing why you need to invest thousands of dollars in a video when launching your baby, read on.

Seeing is Believing

We are all doubters. To be specific, I mean adults. Kids of course will do and accept anything. With age and experience, we unfortunately lose our trust, our innocence and we get skeptical. Some are more skeptical than others (e.g. my uncle Henry), but all of us become wary of things, especially new things. Some call it wisdom, or “street-smart”, but it’s just us being skeptical because experience tells us not to trust everything we see and hear.

So the video, like Thomas needing to see Jesus’s scars, is a way to legitimize a product to the doubters, and to do so at scale.

Dog and Pony Show

We may want to believe the product marketing video is not really a dog and pony show, but it ultimately is. Right, no circus performers and animals, but we are trying to capture and retain people’s attention in hopes of selling something. And the best medium for that on the Internet is the video.

Explain Away

Your product is so innovative it needs some explanation. If you’re just issuing car loans, you may not need a video. Just a website with some text. But if your car loan process utilizes a revolutionary platform, then you need an explainer video. And not only to show what it does and how it works, but also to show why people should use your platform and not do it the traditional way. When you have something complex or innovative, text on a website may not be enough. A video is the way to go.

Leave a Stain

A video can be much more memorable than any other sales medium. Even just a talking-head commercial will leave more of an impression than words on a page. If you’re able to invest a little more, then producing a video with strong images with actors, locations, or animation will leave a stain in people’s brains. To that end, the more entertaining the video, the better. Be funny, smart, inspiring, emotional – whatever approach you take, hit home.

First Impression Matters

Some companies wait to make their video. They introduce their product on their website, social media, traditional media and/or a press release. But first impression matters and the video is a way to introduce your product with your brand’s voice, image and character in the most comprehensive and effective way possible. Don’t miss the one opportunity to create that buzz. Your launch campaign needs to include a video.

Videos are important to a brand at various stages of its development. But most importantly, when you’re introducing a new product, the video is a must.

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