5 Examples of Social Impact Videos that effectively promote the Brand

Every company should promote social issues through video.

Especially with everything going on, it makes sense to promote your company’s stance on social issues. Gone are the days when a company can stay neutral in hopes of not alienating a sector of its client base. It doesn’t matter the size of the brand, everyone has the duty to promote what is good and fair, and to contribute in advancing social justice.

Every company should have a social impact team or a person assigned to it, even if it’s just a part of his or her duties. This isn’t just about PR or social media management, and it doesn’t necessarily require significant amounts of capital. It’s simply a way to keep your fingers on the pulse, declare your company’s support of key issues, and establish your company as one that supports social justice.

This isn’t all altruism. Yes, being active with social issues is good for society, but it’s also good for your brand’s public image. And yes, there may be some customers who may walk away, as we saw with Nike’s support for Colin Kaepernick, but you’ll gain new customers in the process, and strengthen the bond you have with current customers who share in your values.

Most firms don’t have huge budgets to devote to social issues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute. A simple social media post or a blog on your website will go a long away.

And if you can produce a video, even better. A video will give your company a face and a voice. It’s much more memorable and shareable. And if you can use your marketing budget for these videos, you’ll also be promoting the brand as well as the issue.

Brand Videos, Social Impact Examples

Below are some examples of effective social impact ads that also incorporate brand marketing. Though most brands won’t have the budget for large productions, these will spur the imagination of what’s possible.


This is a great example of incorporating an ad with a social message. Drink beer, help the environment at the same time.


Food is what Grubhub is all about, and what’s a better message than feeding hungry kids? Use Grubhub, feed kids.

84 Lumber

Most people have already seen this epic Super Bowl commercial. A journey, danger, fear, and finally, hope. Very controversial, especially given the political climate, but this was one of the most memorable commercials of the decade. We also get to see a lot of wood.


Not all social impact videos need to be dramatic. Here’s one that’s funny and still effective in both promoting brand and issue.


Airbnb has the budget for larger productions, but here is a rather simple edited piece. But still effective in conveying a message of tolerance and inclusion.

Again, these are broadcast ads with budgets that most companies may not have. That’s OK. A social impact video can be as simple as something shot on your phone to hiring a local video production company to put together in a one day shoot. You can do one for $100K or less than $10K. There are ways to do it. Mainly, you just need an idea, the will and the drive to do something good and impactful.

Harnessing the Power of Social Impact Video Production

In an age where digital media rules and information is shared at the speed of light, the use of video as a medium for social impact has become a vital tool. Social impact video production is not just about creating visually appealing content; it’s about crafting narratives that drive change and inspire action.

1. Raising Awareness: One of the primary functions of social impact videos is to shed light on critical issues. They serve as a window into the lives of individuals or communities facing challenges. Whether it’s environmental conservation, poverty alleviation, or healthcare access, these videos can awaken audiences to the realities of the world around them.

2. Storytelling: Effective storytelling is at the heart of every impactful video. It’s the emotional connection that drives viewers to act. By sharing authentic stories of people affected by a cause, social impact videos humanize the issues, making them relatable and compelling.

3. Inspiring Action: The ultimate goal of social impact videos is to encourage action. Whether it’s urging viewers to donate, volunteer, sign petitions, or simply share the content, these videos prompt tangible responses. They make it easy for the audience to become part of the solution.

4. Amplifying Voices: Social impact video production amplifies the voices of those who might not otherwise be heard. It empowers marginalized communities to tell their stories, ensuring that their concerns are placed in the spotlight and their rights upheld.

5. Advocacy and Fundraising: Non-profit organizations and social enterprises leverage videos to advocate for their causes and raise funds. Engaging, emotionally charged videos can significantly boost donations and support for these organizations.

6. Educating and Mobilizing: Social impact videos educate the public on complex issues, breaking them down into digestible pieces. They also mobilize communities to rally around a common cause, turning a passive audience into an active force for change.

7. Measuring Impact: With the help of data and analytics, the impact of social impact videos can be measured. This feedback loop allows producers to refine their approach and maximize their effectiveness.

8. Sustainability and Innovation: The evolution of technology has made social impact video production more accessible and cost-effective. This has opened the door for innovative approaches to storytelling and more sustainable practices in the field.

In conclusion, social impact video production is a powerful force for change in the modern world. It has the potential to bridge gaps, inspire empathy, and transform passive viewers into engaged advocates. With the right combination of storytelling, passion, and technology, social impact videos can truly change the world, one frame at a time.

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