Why Culture Videos Are Important for your Business

Culture Videos should be an integral part of your brand’s marketing plan.

The absolute best way to convey your brand’s identity and character is to bring that person within your walls and have him or her spend a few hours or days soaking it all in. Whether it’s talent, client or investor, for them to really understand who you are, they need to experience you first hand.

Of course, it’s often not feasible to spend so much of your time and money, especially at the beginning of your relationship.

A video, then, is the next best thing. Culture is best experienced visually. You can read about a company on their website or listen to a representative all day, but this isn’t a novel where the image in your mind is the only thing that really matters. This is where you’ll invest your time and/or money. Not only do you need to see what it’s like, you need to feel it.

There are many videos that can help you along the way. Explainer videos help you understand a company’s product or service. Customer testimonials provide valuable insight into other customers’ experiences.

A culture video is different in that it focuses more on the emotional connection people have with a brand. It paints a picture that evokes a feeling in a way that words cannot. It bridges the gap between an acquaintance and a friend, and that’s the reason they should be part of every company’s marketing strategy.

Here are some examples of effective culture videos.

Recruiting Videos

Not all culture videos are recruiting videos, but recruiting videos should always be culture videos. Given the challenges of recruiting top talent and the costs associated with training and retaining them, companies need to make sure it’s a right fit culturally. Of course, a prospect should spend time on-site at some point between the interview and acceptance, but long before that, even before they hit submit on their application, they need see what it’s like to work there. The culture videos is important in setting that first impression.

Box Recruiting Video:

Lifestyle Videos

As mentioned above, not all culture videos are recruiting videos. They are not just about showing off your foosball tables and tiki bars. It’s conveying the nature of your brand’s identity. To that end, all types of your marketing videos should have elements of your company’s culture. For example, lifestyle videos, when conveying the emotion of your product or service, should also demonstrate the type of company you are. They may be designed to target your selected audience, but does so in a way that helps them to connect your brand. It’s almost like saying, “Hey, we have things in common! Let’s get together!”

Here are some very good examples:

Exaclyme: hip, fun, young, happy and very social.

GroupMe Experiences: urban, young professional, community.

Gong: funny, confident, out-of-the box but professional.

Culture videos are often overlooked. They don’t “sell” in a straightforward explicit way and and so are placed in the back-burner, waiting for their turn after the explainers, testimonials and other ads. But they’re important not only in establishing your brand, but making a strong emotional connection with you audience.

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