Videos Produced in Silicon Valley

Video Production in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley should have a more robust video and film industry. Of course, when you think about video and film, Los Angeles is the first city that comes up. L.A. has the history and infrastructure – nowhere else would you get entire warehouses full of nothing but wardrobe and props. But when you look at Silicon Valley, everything that you would need to have a healthy industry is here.

The weather is top notch, comparable to Los Angeles. There’s a great deal of talent here as well, though many actors and crew may have to drive down an hour from San Francisco or Oakland.

There’s also space – we recently shot a video inside several empty warehouses. Any one of those could be a sound stage. Quite a bit of undeveloped land is still available, especially in San Jose. And of course, traffic is much nicer than in L.A.

More importantly, there’s money. There could easily be a robust industry in Silicon Valley if companies simply wanted to. For example, Netflix is headquartered in Los Gatos, but their creative studio is down in Los Angeles.

In many ways it makes sense to go to a place with an established industry, infrastructure and history like Los Angeles. And there are some drawbacks in the Valley like the cost of living. But some great videos can be made here.

Here are examples of quality videos shot on location in Silicon Valley by our video production agency, Picturelab, based in Mountain View:

Personal Capital Television Commercial

This commercial for the fintech company was shot in Mountain View and in nearby locations including a car dealership.

Stitcher Explainer Video

We shot this at multiple locations in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, including during a ride on Caltrain. We explored different visuals leveraging the diversity of the Bay Area’s natural and urban beauty.

Nurmash Explainer Video

Again, Silicon Valley and the Bay Area have many different great locations to choose from. We shot this explainer video at multiple locations using local crew, actors and equipment.

Cynet Video Series

Picturelab shot a series of 6 funny videos at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. We wrote all 6 episodes and shot them all in one day. See the entire series here.

Resonai Augmented Reality Concept Videos

This series of 3 videos was shot at a sound stage in San Carlos. The idea was to show three different locations to show the possibility of new AR software. We leveraged the studio’s offices and break rooms to convey space and multiple locations. Watch the full series here.

Videos have been shot in Silicon Valley for years, but it has never gotten to the scale of the industry down south. With the resources available here, there’s no reason it couldn’t thrive here like it does in Los Angeles.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, shoot your next commercial or film in Silicon Valley. To learn more about how we can help, contact Picturelab at We are a full service video firm based in Mountain View, CA.

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