How to Market Your Company Culture with Video

Video Production is a must for Culture Marketing.

Your company culture is kickass. And it’s not just about ping pong and top notch brew, your compensation packages and reward systems are as good as it’ll get at this point in your firm’s development. All your current employees and clients are thrilled. They love you and are dancing in the hallways.

Now you need to get the word out about how awesome you are as a company. Word-of-mouth helps. So do blogs and articles. But nothing captures a company’s culture better than a video.

Seeing is believing. Nothing conveys experience more than sound and images, and culture is something that must be experienced. You can always invite prospects to inhale your culture first hand. But even before you get to that point of inviting VIPs to your crib, you need to market who you are in order to cast a wide a net as possible.

So that’s the value of video. And here are some ways to leverage video for culture marketing.


These are 10 to 15 second videos showcasing one or two things about your company. A quick walk-through of your killer recreation room or gym. Your peer-evaluation and review process. A quick overview of benefits. Pet-friendly offices and policies. High quality lunches and snacks. Etc, etc. Keep it short for social media, but more importantly, for your website.

Your company culture page should have several snapshots instead of one long video. Each section (amenities, benefits, etc) should have a different video accompanying it. People tune out if the video is too long, especially if inundated with things they might not care about. Each person prioritizes differently so let the viewer choose what he or she wants to look at.


Customer and employee testimonials are powerful. A shout out from a happy employee or client is much more effective than anything you can say about yourself. A blurb on your website helps, but a video is much more impactful. It’s a real person and not just words on a page. Add some b-roll showcasing the environment and you have a very powerful tool in evangelizing your culture.


Whenever there’s an announcement from an executive or anyone else, use video. It says a lot about who you are as a company when your CEO takes the time to get in front of a camera and speak to people directly. There’s a better connection that employees and stakeholders will have with your company, and that speaks volumes about your culture.


You don’t always have to be showcasing your company’s benefits or amenities in every video you make. But every video you make should convey your culture in some way. For example, if you’re creating a straight-up commercial, it should be designed and stylized to reflect who you are as a company. Quirky? Out-of-the-box? Professional? Dead-serious? Manifest your culture in how you market yourself. And every video is an opportunity to do it.

Your company culture is more important than ever. It’s a huge factor in how clients and future employees view you, and ultimately choose you over your competition. To effectively market your culture, leverage video.

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