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Explainer Video Production in San Carlos

San Carlos, California, is known as the "City of Good Living," because of its ideal climate and robust community. The city is nestled right in the heart of San Mateo County, and its downtown is bustling. Over the years, the region has become popular with families seeking a safe place to live.

This Peninsula suburb is becoming increasingly popular with young families looking for a home in a safe, beautiful city with excellent schools. With its successful businesses and industrial area, as well as a small airport with the Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos is a great place to live as well as run a business.

Several popular events are held in the city throughout the year that draws crowds from all over the Peninsula. The City of Good Living will not disappoint you whether you decide to live, do business, or even visit. Its charm, interesting people, and exciting activities make San Carlos a year-round destination.

There is a lot of competition in San Carlos because of the booming economy. A unique explainer video can set a company apart from the competition!

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What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

The purpose of an explainer video is to provide your target audience with a brief, informative overview of the product or service that you are promoting.

Video explainer production is an essential part of every brand's marketing strategy. Videos are crucial content marketing tools that convey critical information while leaving a lasting impression. Many of these videos are featured on blogs, YouTube, and e-mails.

Depending on your product, brand, and service, you can try an animated explainer video or live-action videos. You will have endless opportunities to make a lasting impression, even though an explainer typically lasts between 30 seconds and three minutes.

A well-made and compelling explainer video will incorporate the following four elements:

  • Short - Explainers are usually under three minutes, making them very effective within a short period.
  • Solution-oriented - Explainer videos are designed to highlight a particular problem and position a product as the answer.
  • Strong call to action - A compelling explainer encourages viewers to take action by presenting a clear, effective call to action.
  • High-quality - A fantastic explainer video must be of high quality, both in terms of production and content, to effectively communicate a brand's value proposition.

There are three main types of brand videos that a video production company can produce:

  • Company overview
  • Product/service overview
  • Hybrid meet-the-team

Your options are not limited to explainer video companies overview. If you're looking for educational videos with animation style or personalized videos, work with professional explainer video production companies who understand your brand's message.

Create Something Incredible With Picturelab!

Choosing the best explainer video companies for your production is not a decision to take lightly! You can create a video that doesn't look like a cookie-cutter by working with an explainer video company.

Picturelab is an award-winning company with 12 years of experience in animated explainer videos in San Francisco.

As an animated explainer video company, besides shooting and editing corporate videos, we provide full-service video production. With our top-notch video production process, we create explainer videos to effectively convey complex concepts.

Over the years, our creative team has worked with world-known brands across a variety of industries, specializing in live-action and animated explainer videos.

We also offer video production services in San Mateo, Redwood City, and Daly City. Whether you need corporate videos, music videos, or animated pieces, Pictureslab has you covered. Call us today to learn more!

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Let's make something incredible.

Creative video production for every stage of your product, brand, and journey.

Corporate Communications

Marie P.
Marketing Director

Alex reached out to me on Linkedin and provided me with examples relevant content. I reached back to ask him and his team to produce a marketing video about our office in London. They produced 3 professional videos, on budget and respecting the deadline. They were able to extract the best soundbites, sharing positive image about the company and, more importantly, highlighting the value our business brings to our customers. Alex is quite responsive, willing to find the best solution that worked for us, and is organized. I would love to work with him and his team again. Thanks Alex!

Eli E.
Social Impact Associate

Working with Picturelab was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. We needed to film in several offices spread across multiple continents and reached out to Picturelab to help make it happen. They took ownership of videography in our main office and reached out to competent, knowledgeable videography partners in our satellite locations and found us videographers when we had been unable to do so ourselves. Once the events were upon us, Picturelab was flexible, communicative, and very easy to work with. They worked within the restrictions presented by our office space without compromising video footage quality. Then, during the video scripting, review, and iterative editing process, Picturelab was extremely responsive, stayed cognizant of our deadlines, and routinely delivered edited versions of our videos even more quickly than they had promised them. Picturelab had absolutely no problem going through a bunch of rounds of editing with us, and was always willing to make even the most minute changes to ensure that we were satisfied with the final product. We would absolutely work with Alex and Picturelab again on any video project. They know what they are doing, and they are great to work with!

Madeline S.
Senior Manager, Product Market Strategy

We had a wonderful experience working with Picture Lab. They provided us a clear list of instructions for what they needed to deliver the final product. They delivered each draft when promised and provided good guidance along the way. It's always nice to work with a vendor that 'gets it' and doesn't require much hand holding. We love the final product and will definitely use them for future projects!

Gabrielle T.
Independent Consultant, Marketing

Even when feedback on my side was delayed, Picturelab was quick to turn things around.

Dominik B.
CEO, stealth startup

Extremely fast communication, very direct, understood our needs well, no B.S.

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