Top 5 Traits of a Video Production Company

What are the traits I should look for when looking for a video production company?

If you’re in the market for a professional video, you’ll need a video production company that will get things done within your budget. That might not be as easy as it sounds. These days there are a ton of companies out there, and they all have decent portfolios. To help you in your search, here are top five traits that a video company should have.


Some video production companies use the cookie-cutter method. They take the same formula and apply it to everything. You’ll see the same style, structure, and even actors in all their videos. The problem with this is that not every client or product is the same. For example, an approach that works for a tech company may not work for a janitorial service company. And even within the same industry, they should be able to customize. For instance, you have two widgets that are competitors – how can the video company bring to light the advantages of the different widgets?

Though video production companies may specialize in certain niche markets or types of videos, they should still be able to customize to serve the specific needs of each brand.

The video company should be able to provide insight on how to make your video work for your product or service.

When qualifying a vendor, ask them how they could make your marketing video unique and different than the other videos they’ve made.


A video company should be flexible. That means, they have a skill set that is varied enough to meet different issues that are assured to rise during a project. In some cases, any major scope changes will require an updated budget, but the company should not have to go outside to meet your needs. They should have the expertise to adjust and keep the process streamlined.


The video production company needs to know what they’re doing. They need to have an understanding of scope, budget and have the experience to make an accurate estimate on the amount of work and cost needed to accomplish the objectives.

A less experienced company will cost you in budget and missed deadlines.


Videos take time, but a strong video production company will take as little time as possible to deliver a quality product. When qualifying a company, ask what the turnaround time is and get details regarding each milestone.


There’s nothing worse than a vendor that doesn’t respond to emails, texts or calls. This one is relatively easy to qualify early on. When you first contact the video company, assess the promptness and quality of the response. Did they take more than a day to get back to you? Did they answer all your questions? Do they talk more than they need to?

You can pretty much conclude early on if the company is a good communicator or not.

A video project can get complex with many moving parts. Especially when there are pressing deadlines, a terrible communicator will add to the stress and possibly subtract from your pocket.

A marketing video is one of the most significant projects for any company. It’s an investment and so you need a partner that can deliver the best quality product on time and within budget. Apply this trait test to help you succeed when sourcing a video production company.

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