Holiday Marketing Videos that People Remember

Tips for creating corporate holiday videos that are memorable to your clients.

Holiday staff video ideas

A holiday marketing video is more than just a visual greeting card. It’s a way to remind everyone you’re still around and the best option for the new year. To that end, the video or commercial needs to be memorable.

So how exactly do you create a video that leaves a mark?

Below are some ideas with examples to get your started.

Employee-focused Videos

Many companies, for lack of ideas, time and/or budget, settle for the simple approach of featuring their employees. This is overdone but usually safe, and having seeing some terrible ideas terribly executed over the years, not the worse way to go.

If you decide on this route, avoid the usual ho-hum-bug approach. Don’t just round up all your willing (or unwilling) employees and have them say some random holiday greeting on camera. If you feel putting your team’s personality on video is the best way, then do something a bit different.

Here’s an example. This takes some preparation and a bit of editing beyond iMovie, but it’s not terribly expensive or time-consuming with a little bit of professional help.

Inspiration and Emotion

To connect with your audience, focus on emotion. Family, nostalgia, helping people, love – these are all great places to start the brainstorming.

Here are a couple examples. You might not have Coca-Cola’s budget, but you can still achieve a heartwarming, memorable video if you have the right idea.



Humor is not easy. It may seem easy but it’s not. If you’re thinking, “Let’s do a parody of ‘The Office’,” then you’re probably one of those people who think it’s easy only to later realize it’s not. But if done right, humor will leave a mark. People will view it multiple times and share it too. That’s the power of humor. But again, it has to be done right.

Here’s an example of a funny holiday video.

Spend some money

You want to make an impression, and you won’t do that with a poorly-shot, poorly-edited, terribly-sounding DIY video. In fact, if you don’t have the budget or skillset for it, then it’s preferable not to make a video at all. Send out cards instead.

Otherwise, get some professional help. Ideally, you’d want to get a creative video production company that will not only produce the video, but come up with the ideas and script as well. Again, concepting and execution go hand-in-hand. If either one sucks, then everything sucks.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a firm, then at least consider hiring video freelancers to help out with different elements of the video. This is trickier since you may end up being the producer and creative director, but it’s better than trying to do everything with your in-house team.

Every year, you should consider your holiday marketing strategy. Including a holiday video is a great way to connect with your audience.

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