The Most Memorable Startup Explainer Videos

In the past fifteen years, we’ve produced videos for a lot of startups.  Many have gone on to do great things.  Others simply disappeared.  But all the videos have been memorable.

As a creative video production agency, Picturelab and our parent, Transvideo Studios, spent countless hours developing stories that truly conveyed our startup clients’ identities and voices.

Here are a few of the most memorable experiences:


Their sales intelligence platform wasn’t the first, but it was definitely unique, just like their brand.  Over one long day, we shot this live action explainer with a big cast, a rented co-op space and a Steadicam.  Gong eventually became one of our favorite clients and we went on to create several different marketing videos for them including a Super Bowl spot in 2021.


As far as animated explainer videos go, you can’t do much better than Mint.  This video has been copied countless times over the years for all different types of products and still appears in many “best of explainers” lists.  And unfortunately, parts of it are probably used in some generative AI algorithm somewhere.  It’s been a few years since we created this video and it’s still one of the best.


This was a fun one.  Our friends at SecurityPal wanted something quirky and appealed to their unique audience.  We wanted to tap into our geeky vein for something different.  With homage to Harry Potter, Star Wars and Ghost Busters, both millennials and GenXers can find something nostalgic about this piece.


Sadly, this was one of the startups that didn’t quite make it.  But we loved this video.  It was a controversial product that basically asked people to share their purchases with the world.  Maybe the world wasn’t quite ready for that kind of transparency, but the video was still awesome.  It featured cute squishy characters and some really cool color and lighting effects.  This video was also featured on TechCrunch, which introduced Transvideo to the world.


Another great product that for some reason didn’t quite catch on.  We had an amazing time shooting this live action explainer, including spending an afternoon at the beach and turning our studio into a night club.


The founders of Nurmash flew all the way from Kazakhstan to work with us on this live action explainer video.  Bright, interesting and a bit quirky, they didn’t know exactly how to tell their story, but luckily we were able to step in and help them connect with their U.S. audiences and investors.


One of our favorite 3D animated explainers, this video effectively showcased Planet’s robust platform and out-of-this world information-gathering capabilities.  When prospective clients ask us about 3D videos, this is still one of the first videos we show them.


While Sococo didn’t become a household name like Zoom and Slack, it’s still a great tool for online collaboration.  This video required multiple locations in different parts of the world, but we shot it all in one day at one location.  We turned our studio and offices in Mountain View, CA, to an office space, a living room during a snowstorm, etc. Definitely one of our favorite studio projects.

New Relic

Another studio project, this video is memorable for all the practical effects.  We created a rig to suspend our hero in the air.  We also built a movie theater, a bedroom, and other locations to show the versatility of New Relic’s new products.


One of our all-time favorites, this Thumbtack video had it all.  A firebreather, multiple locations and an amazing cast, including Daveed Diggs before his Hamilton and Snowpiercer fame.  One of the most successful startups we’ve worked with, Thumbtack became a household name not long after the release of this video.

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