Marketing Videos are Excellent Work-from-Home Projects

How to work on marketing videos when working remotely.

According to this Washington Post article, Isaac Newton was immensely productive when he was sheltering at home during a pandemic in the 17th century. That thing with the apple supposedly happened during this period. Okay, that probably never actually happened but what is true is he got a ton of work done, including developing numerous theories in math and physics.

But if you’re anything like me, then you’re nothing like Isaac Newton. If you don’t normally work from home and you’re suddenly faced in that situation, then you most likely will need to proactively find ways to be productive.

For the marketing person, that marketing video you’ve always wanted could be one of those projects. And we all know the marketing video has been on your list for many years now….

Here are some assignments to get it done working remotely.


Whether it’s an explainer video, a national commercial, or a product demo, you’re going to need a script. Even if you’re not the best script writer in the world, you can still work on outlines, bulleted key messages, and some frame work to send off to a writer to polish off. This is something that can be worked on anywhere, anytime. And getting this out of the way will save a lot of time when ready to roll on production.


Video production takes research. You may not be sure what type of video you want. Go online and see what’s out there. Animated, live action, explainers, testimonials, branded content, social videos…. Considering the popularity of marketing videos today, there’s a lot to choose from.

Once you have an idea of the type of video you’re interested in (explainer, product demo, testimonial, etc), make a short list of favorites. There should be numerous samples to choose from. Having a reference video is a good way to start and eventually communicate your vision to your team or an outside vendor.

Find a Video Production Company

Eventually you’re going to need one. Finding the right company for you takes work. Here’s a blog post about it, but in a nutshell, you need a company that can do the kind of work you’re envisioning at your budget range. They need to have the experience and know-how, and at the same time, be good communicators. No matter how good a company may seem, it’s a headache if they don’t communicate well.

Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

Many of our clients want a video but they don’t always have a plan for what to do with it. They know it’ll go up on their site, but where and how and when is too often a big question mark. If you’re investing in a video, develop a strategy for it. Know where it will be seen on your site. Have a launch date. Develop a social media distribution strategy. Have this in place before you start pre-production because it will influence its content and creative.

Working from home may be a drag for many people, especially if your role is something as centered around teams as marketing. But it’s also a great opportunity. Perhaps you may not develop theories on mathematics and physics, but you can at least start putting a video together.

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