How Videos can help your Market Positioning

Videos will help you acquire a bigger piece of the pie.

When the world seems to have turned upside down as a result of a pandemic or some other shock or disruption, the main business instinct is survival. Everyone’s treading water and it seems there’s nothing but blue from horizon to horizon.

But the fact is, there is an end, and if you rise from the ashes, there are opportunities. Market share up for grabs. Barriers removed. A new world to explore.

If you wait until you’re firmly on shore, it’s probably too late. You need to start preparing when you’re still neck deep. There are many things you can do to start positioning yourself in the market. One of the important marketing components is the video.

Yes, I know, sounds like another video production company hustling our own services, but it’s true, video is integral in helping you with market positioning after an economic shock. Here are reasons why.

Building Confidence

When things crash, so does consumer confidence. And it’s a pain to rebuild. They will be pickier about spending their limited amount of disposable income. To get ahead of the competition, get customers to believe you. Even if they feel the world is still a bit too scary, if you can get them to trust you, then you will have a major advantage.

That’s where a video can help. Only so much can be conveyed through blogs, tweets, articles and phone calls. People are visual. They want to see to believe. So a video showing how you can provide a reliable return on investment will be worth its weight in gold.

The commercial is an example of how video can help build consumer confidence:

Human Connection

After a traumatic event, the best healer is human interaction. In a way, an economic disruption creates stresses that alter people’s behaviors – in other words, it’s a form of trauma. As you would treat trauma victims with support groups and therapy, a video helps to provide a closer human connection with your audience when an in-person meeting is not possible or practical.

They want to see a face and hear a voice. They want to be consoled. And not only should you be talking, you should have others speak as well. Your customers for example. This is where something like a customer testimonial video could be a huge asset.

Here’s a testimonial that will present human faces for your brand.

Emotion Matters

Not only do customers want information about a product, they want to know what you’re all about. More than ever, culture matters. Your company character matters. Your brand identity is more important than ever.

A video is an efficient way to convey your brand’s character. In 90 seconds or less, something like a lifestyle or culture video can convey what you couldn’t do effectively in a 1000-word copy. Show, not tell. Include music that relates. And the overall effect is an emotion that will connect your customers to you, and give you a major advantage.

Here’s an example of how you can efficiently convey brand identity through video:

After an event, the new normal will not be what we remember it to be. But that means there are opportunities if you position yourself well. And that preparation has to begin early, before the ashes have settled.

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