Engaging Interactive Video Advertising: Inspiring Examples and Types

As the digital era continues to evolve, so does the way we consume content. Gone are the days of passive viewership; today’s audiences seek immersive experiences that allow them to be part of the storytelling process.

Interactive video advertising revolutionizes the viewing experience by creating a two-way conversation between brands and their target audiences.

As we explore how branded contents engage their audiences with interactive video advertising, we’ll uncover inspiring examples and examine the diverse kinds of interactive video advertising that have led to a revolution in how brands interact with their audiences.

5 Types of Interactive Video Advertising

As digital marketing evolves, audience engagement has become a necessity. Interactive video advertising has become the architect of a new storytelling era. These innovative formats go beyond the confines of traditional linear storytelling, inviting viewers to actively participate and shape their unique narrative journey.

1. Branching Videos

Branching videos allow viewers to choose their path, determining the direction of the narrative. This type of interactive video is often used in storytelling, where the viewer’s choices influence the outcome, creating a personalized and immersive experience.

2. 360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos provide viewers with the ability to control their perspective, creating a more immersive and interactive viewing experience. Whether used for virtual tours, product showcases, or storytelling, 360-degree videos transport audiences to new dimensions.

3. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos seamlessly integrate e-commerce into the viewing experience. Viewers can click on products within the video, access additional information, and make purchases, blurring the lines between entertainment and online shopping.

4. User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

UGC campaigns involve inviting users to contribute content, creating a sense of community and authenticity. Brands can leverage UGC to showcase diverse perspectives, testimonials, or user experiences, fostering a deeper connection with their audience.

5. Educational and Instructional Videos

Interactive videos aren’t just about entertainment—they’re powerful educational tools. Instructional and explainer videos guide users through product features or provide step-by-step tutorials, enhancing user understanding and engagement.

Inspiring Examples of Interactive Video Advertising

Brands have not just embraced interactive video advertising; they’ve redefined the art of engagement, turning passive viewers into active participants.

Let’s take a look at inspiring interactive advertising examples that showcase how these forward-thinking brands are leveraging interactive video to captivate and connect with their audiences on a whole new level.

Nike’s Interactive Sneaker Showcase

In the realm of interactive video examples, Nike takes center stage with its innovative approach to showcasing sneakers.

Viewers aren’t merely spectators; they become active participants, customizing their dream sneakers in real-time. This not only enhances engagement but also provides Nike with valuable insights into the preferences of its target audience.

Google’s 360-Degree Virtual Tours

Google, synonymous with innovation, has harnessed the power of 360-degree videos to redefine the concept of virtual exploration.

From breathtaking landscapes to the interiors of businesses, Google’s interactive videos on its platform offer viewers an immersive and interactive experience. Users control their viewpoint, transforming the act of viewing into an adventure that resonates on social media platforms and beyond.

Immersive Storytelling by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz takes viewers on an immersive journey with its interactive storytelling videos. Users can explore the design, features, and driving experience of various models in a virtual showroom, creating an engaging and personalized interaction with the brand.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Virtual Runway

Tommy Hilfiger breaks traditional fashion boundaries with its virtual runway experiences. Through interactive videos, viewers can explore the latest fashion collections, customize looks, and even virtually attend runway shows.

This immersive approach not only engages fashion enthusiasts but also positions Tommy Hilfiger at the forefront of innovative brand experiences.

Netflix’s Interactive Episodes

Netflix revolutionizes the entertainment industry with interactive episodes that allow viewers to shape the storyline. Examples like “Bandersnatch” from the Black Mirror series empower users to make decisions that influence the narrative, transforming passive watching into an interactive cinematic experience.

Xbox Interactive Trailers

Xbox embraces interactive video advertising in its game trailers, allowing players to engage with snippets of gameplay, make storyline decisions, and explore in-game environments. This immersive approach bridges the gap between gaming and promotional content, creating a seamless and engaging experience for the gaming community.

Sephora and Amazon’s Shoppable Video

In the realm of e-commerce and entertainment fusion, Sephora and Amazon stand out as pioneers of shoppable videos. Seamlessly blending product showcases with purchasing opportunities, these brands turn the act of watching into a virtual shopping spree.

Viewers can click on items within the video, access additional details, and make purchases without leaving the video environment—a revolutionary integration of entertainment and e-commerce.

GoPro’s User-Generated Content

GoPro, known for its action-packed content, takes user engagement to new heights with interactive video advertising. By encouraging users to submit their thrilling content, GoPro creates a sense of community and authenticity.

This user-generated content doesn’t just showcase the capabilities of GoPro products but also builds a connection with an audience eager to share their experiences.

TED-Ed’s Instructional Videos

TED-Ed utilizes the power of interactive video not just for entertainment but also for education. Their instructional videos guide users through complex topics, breaking down information engagingly and interactively. From exploring scientific concepts to historical events, TED-Ed’s videos transform learning into a dynamic and participatory experience.

Interactive Training with IBM

IBM showcases the potential of interactive video beyond consumer engagement. Through their interactive training videos, users actively participate in simulations, quizzes, and decision-making scenarios.

This type of interactive video isn’t just informative; it’s a valuable tool for businesses seeking to train their audience or employees dynamically and engagingly.

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