Best Concept Future Videos 2010-2018

In 1987, Apple’s then CEO John Sculley premiered The Knowledge Navigator video at Educom during his keynote. At the time, the idea that a human-like “software agent” on a tablet-style device can access a vast network of information to assist in searching and organizing that information seemed more like fiction than science. In fact, some professionals and scholars criticized the concepts portrayed in the video as unrealistic and misleading.

Watch “The Knowledge Navigator” video below and read more about its story here.


Fast forward twenty years to 2007. The first iPhone is released. And then another ten years, and we have an entire generation that have never known a time without Siri, or Alexa, or Hey Google.

Concept videos, or future videos, are powerful tools. They’re more than just another corporate video. They inspire. They incite discourse. They help to establish a brand as an innovation leader.

Here are the top concept videos. Prepare to be inspired!

A Day Made of Glass (Corning, 2011)

Corning continues to be a leader in everything glass. Likewise, their future videos are some of the best ever produced.

Productivity Future Vision (Microsoft, 2011)

Beauty and naturalism are at the center of this video. Wearables, devices, our work tools…all natural to the environment. And all while looking super sleek.

From Television to Any Vision (Nokia, 2017)

Human connection is what technology allows us to do, even if you live in the wilderness. Beautifully shot, Nokia’s concept video inspires us to connect.

Holodeck (Nvidia, 2018)

Why use a 3D modeler when you can use a Holodeck? This isn’t Star Trek, it’s Nvidia’s vision.

2017 Vision (Samsung, 2017)

All the world’s NOT a stage, it’s a huge Display. Check out Samsung’s vision for how their monitors can create art, information and productivity everywhere you look.

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