7 Ideas for Cool Product Videos that Tell Your Brand Story

A great product or service isn’t enough to propel your company forward. To thrive, your company must attract customers and earn their trust through engaging, one-of-a-kind messaging. One of the best ways for companies of all industries to build a loyal customer base is through the use of captivating explainer product videos.

Brand storytelling is a tried-and-true method of connecting with your customers on a more personal level. When you tell your entire company’s story or show how your products work using compelling product videos, people realize they share your brand’s beliefs and aspirations. As a result of this connection, they may be eager to find out more about what your business has to offer.

Below, we’ll discuss why product videos are important and provide you with several examples of cool product videos to help you discover how to tell your own brand story through video.

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What Are Product Videos?

A world-class product may not be enough to propel your company forward. Every entrepreneur and business owner requires a marketing strategy based on authentic, honest messaging to build a base of loyal customers and attract more attention from a target audience.

Brand storytelling can take place through a number of mediums, including blog posts and photo ads. However, in today’s world, video is the most effective way to tell your company’s story and engage with people on a deeper level than other mediums like audio or text.

Product videos are a great way to build awareness, entertain, educate, or inspire your audience to take action. Unlike traditional advertisements, branded demo videos are more concerned with humanizing a brand through emotionally-driven content and storytelling. They can also pique the attention of new customers by showcasing a brand’s capabilities and offerings in a more engaging, less sales-driven approach.

A compelling brand story video effectively communicates who you are as a company, what you stand for, and what distinguishes you from your competitors. Not only should it be genuine, but it should also speak about what makes your brand unique. Most importantly, it should speak to your audience and inspire them to act.

7 Ideas to Tell Your Brand Story With Product Videos

Successful marketers in video marketing will look for novel ways to tell their brand’s story through video storytelling. Storytelling is the most effective tool for establishing an emotional connection between your brand and its audience. Fortunately, with today’s technology, the possibilities for telling your story in fun and visually appealing ways are limitless.

Here are seven examples of how you can powerfully capture your brand’s story and share these important details through product videos:

1. Customer Testimonials 

The best salespeople are sometimes the customers themselves. This marketing strategy entails filming videos of your customers describing their interactions with your products or services.

What added value did you provide, and why are you their first choice? It is closely related to the earlier challenge idea in that such campaigns make customers feel included, which is especially important when developing the appearance of your brand.

2. Introduction Videos 

Audiences want to know what your business is all about right away, and an introduction video can help with this. It’s typically a fun way to show and tell people about your products and services. It’s best to keep such clips brief in order to avoid overwhelming your audience with information that flies over their heads.

3. Product Features

One of the best brand video ideas in marketing is to put the spotlight on a new product. Consumers appreciate new offers or services but may be hesitant to use them. You can make a video highlighting new products in your lineup and their features, pointing them in the right direction.

When unveiling new products, many businesses make the mistake of churning out numbers and specifications. Such an approach only serves to bore viewers, many of whom have no idea what such figures mean in practice. So, what should you do in its place? Describe how this specification manifests itself in real life and in everyday experience.

4. Explain What Makes Your Business Unique 

Why should customers be interested in your business? What distinguishes you from the competition? You must provide these answers. Identify and capitalize on your company’s strengths and distinguishing features.

Offering lower or competitive prices is not enough to gain engagement. Clients today want to know what extra value you provide and what perks they can’t get anywhere else. Create video content providing these answers in the style of the Short Term Shop.

5. Share Product Tips

How should consumers use your products? What are the most common ways your audience faces, and what are the simplest solutions? You can create video content that your users will find useful and informative. Many brands use social media to share valuable tips that aren’t solely about their products and services with their target audience.

6. Discuss Your Company’s History 

Share your origins and success stories on your brand channel. Such videos inspire your audience to grow and craft their goals. Instead of an alien experience, your video should be one that your audience can relate to. The goal is to motivate and inspire your customers, not to alienate them with an out-of-reach story.

A motivational piece does not motivate people to go above and beyond in today’s society. Instead, it focuses on relatable and doable everyday experiences.

7. Celebrate Company Milestones 

Celebrating your milestones on your channels can help you set out from the crowd and improve long-term retention. It’s a way to celebrate small victories, remind your audience of the importance of your products or services, and strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

You can celebrate milestones such as reaching a certain number of subscribers, progress reports, breakthrough results, customer service victories, and more. For a takeover, consider hosting giveaways or having VIP customers appear in your celebratory product video.

Let Picturelab Help Tell Your Brand Story

Videos are great tools for achieving a variety of marketing and business goals. Driving sales, fostering customer education, improving customer experience, encouraging customer retention, and promoting brand awareness and recognition are all part of this. Most importantly, to keep customers and attract new ones, you must create and share content that creatively and authentically tells your story and shares your product.

At Picturelab, our mission is to create video content for our customers that stands out from anything else seen online. With our extensive experience in video production and creative services, we can effectively partner with businesses to help them create content that is tailored to the audiences that our customers are attempting to reach and engage with.

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