Resonai: Discover New Realities

Resonai is changing the way we do our everyday things like going to meetings or getting coffee. The Israeli company asked us to create three concept videos showing the possibilities that Vera, their advance AI, can do to empower our lives through augmented reality.

​Picturelab came up with three scenarios using live action video and motion graphics overlay:

1) Manual and How-to: Wanna get a nice cup of espresso, but how do I use that machine? Let Vera show you. Pull up your phone, scan your surroundings and an easy tutorial shows up on your screen.

2) Concierge: You arrive at a communal workspace. How do I get to the right place for my meeting? Let Vera lead the way.

​3) IoT: Need to get everything ready for a video conference — no need to look for controllers or figure out how to work all the different devices in the room. Scan with Vera and she’ll use the power of AR to help you.

​Do you have a cool AR product you want to showcase? Or do you need a concept video to show the potential of your technology to investors? Contact Picturelab to see how we can help.

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