Cynet: Cyber-Security Simplified

Driving the Point

Aim to Please

Every Breath You Take

Be Right With You

Mime is Money

Threat Net

Cyber-security experts have it tough. From users mindlessly clicking on phishing emails to employees using their work computers like their personal computers, these folks have a lot on their hands. Headaches are plenty, especially for CISOs, who are in charge of it all. In addition to inexplicable employee habits, as well as real threats, cyber-security vendors are after them like a squirrel on a nut. Relentless in their pursuit, these vendors will say and do anything.

Cynet, an industry-leading cyber security firm, contacted us to create a series of funny videos showing how ridiculous these other vendors could be. And how Cynet stands above them all.

Picturelab wrote, directed and edited six hilarious shorts featuring our favorite comic duo. Enjoy!


​CISO: Scott Free

Thugs: Seiji Kunitomi and James Oh


Director: Dave Sabin

Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Jamal Farley

Assistant Camera: Lamar Cox

Gaffer: Clay Kerri

Key Grip: Michael Oh

Audio Engineer: Wiley Wright

Makeup and Hair: Sally Kite

Production Assistants: Seiji Kunitomi and James Oh

​Written by Dave Sabin and Alex Park

Produced by Picturelab, a creative video production company.

Shot at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.

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